Knowing you're going to die is hard, especially when there is not point of living. Well this exactly of what Arthur is experiencing...


2. Reality hits you Hard

Meanwhile at Maggie’s House,

As I walk in the car, it starts to snow. I look at the pretty landscape, thinking of what Arthur and I will do this winter. Fear suddenly rushes through my body. I suddenly remember. This week, Arthur will die. I quickly reverse and drive to his house. The whole time I look straight ahead, not knowing that I’m starting to speed. When I finally realise that I was on 80km/h instead of 60km/h, I try to slow down. Suddenly, the car flips over in high impact and glass smashes and flies everywhere. In shock, it took me a while to remember that I was in reality.

As I try to release my seatbelt, I realise that pieces of glass are stuck in between my elbows. My body is aching in pain as the weight of the car crushes my bones. By now I can start to smell smoke coming from the petrol behind my car. As I start breathing in the smoke, my lungs screams for air. My vision becomes blurrier as smoke comes into my eye. My body starts to overheat and I realise that my chair is burning. As I here sirens becoming louder and louder in my direction, I try to scream for help. God save me, God save me. I see black…

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