The Chapter


2. Chapter [2]

The title is up for change, I just can't decide on any yet. haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy (: xx.


Chapter 2 -

I grab my math books from my locker before slamming it shut.

"Oh god!", I scream, placing a hand over my heart as I find Louis leaning up against the locker behind me, "Louis! You bastard."

He chuckled, "I watched the new video yesterday. Can I just say.. You should wear that red lace thong around my house more often." His trademark smirk making its way onto his face.

"What?! How?- HARRY! Oh my god. I am going to kill him." I groan , "Where is he?"

"I don't kiss and tell." He chuckles before sauntering away like the sassy Louis he is.

"Louis!", I screech after him, receiving stares from most of the student population around me.

I let out a exasperated sigh as Louis flicks me off and began making my way towards first period.


"Harry! You turd!", I punch his upper right arm causing me to quickly pull my fist back, "Ow, dang Harry is you arm made out of steel or something." I mumble.

It's lunch right now and we all decided to hang out at McDonalds and skip the rest of school.

"What did I do?", he mocks.

"He went through your pantie drawers, that's what he did.", Niall pauses before stuffing his face with hamburgers.

"You what?! Oh my god Harry! This is why I need girl friends. You guys are just so-"




They pipe in as I roll my eyes, "God no."

"Ouch, Could you be any less hurtful Katie?" , Harry pouts.

I scoff, "I'm pretty sure this is nothing compared to your HUGE ego.. and stop calling me that!"

"In your dreams, Katie."

"I swear, you guys are the worst."

"But you know you love us Katie Kat." Liam smirks.

"Yah. Yah.", I wave them all off nonchalantly.


"Mom! Sammy? I'm home!", I shout as I enter the house.

I toss my bag onto the kitchen counter as I pick up the flimsy yellow sticky note off the counter.

'Dear Katrina,

Samuel and I are off to visit his dad's funeral. We'll be back in two weeks.



I rolled my eyes and crumble up the note, tossing it into the trashcan.

"Why'd your mom put LOL?"

I let out a yelp and turn around to find Harry leaning against the kitchen wall, "Oh, it's just you."

He rolls his eyes and quirks up an eyebrow.

I roll my eyes at him, "She thinks LOL means Lots of Love."

Harry soon bursts into fits of laughter, "Your. Mom. Is. The. Best."

"She's one of a kind.", I winked.


If you don't understand. Samuel is Katrina's older brother who's in college right now somewhere in the same state. As for Samuel, his dad was Katrina's mom first husband but they soon divorced and her mom married her dad.. hope that cleared it up.

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