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1. Chapter [1]

(A/N): This is obviously my first book so it won't be very professional written. I obviously don't know if there's a book written like this or if it's an original but props to you. I really don't mean to steal or copy your idea but I just came up with this idea during school so I hope you enjoy! (:


Chapter 1 -

"Hello! I'm Harry and today-", I whack Harry's upper left arm as I glare at him.

"And I'm Katrina.", Sending Harry one last final glare before smiling back at the camera placed in front of us.


You see, Harry and I started a love advice channel for young teen lovers like ourselves. Of course, Harry and I aren't a couple.. yet.

I honestly used to have a major crush on him back in middle school but I've moved on, seeing that he's one of the school's biggest players along with his other four friends.

He's currently dating Nicole, the school's biggest slut. So I moved on to dating Ben & Jerry. We would usually watch sappy chick flicks together while they let me... eat them out. I like the plain ol' vanilla flavored ones best.

My life is basically a sob story but I've managed to have a reason being here with my five best friends.


"User anon, I've just found out my boyfriend had cheated on me but I still love him. What should I do?" I read the screen.

Harry snorts, "He obviously cheated on you for a reason."

I widen my eyes as the camera streams live, many had already gotten used to Harry's attitude, yet he doesn't seem to stop surprising me with his harsh tone.

"Obviously, what Harry means is that if he's moved on than you should to", I ramble on.

"No, I clearly mean that what's the point of loving someone if they don't love you back.", Harry retorts once again, glaring at me while doing so.

"Clearly, you shouldn't say that.", I narrow my eyes at him before I find myself staring back into the camera, "But if you do love him, make him jealous, make him see what he's missing. After a few weeks or so if he doesn't notice than I say it's time to move on."

Harry smirks at my response, leaning closer towards me as his hot breath fan over my eat, "Seems like Déjà vu doesn't it? Back in middle school?" He teases, making my pulse quicken.

He noticed? Back in middle school I used to date as much as Harry did just to try and get his attention but I quickly stopped in high school as I realize all this dating is getting me no where. But we soon became friends in junior year and still continuing- we're currently in our senior year-.

I chuckled awkwardly as I lean away while blushing like some crazed maniac, "I need some air." I mummer as I leave my room.

I replayed the situation in my head, groaning as my wandering feet brings me to my kitchen. I stare at the kitchen in horror as globs of dough and flour fly everywhere, my eyes scan the place as I find the culprit of this disaster.

"Mom? What in the world are you doing?!" My voice was laced with amusement as I watch my mom jump back in shock and drop the plastic bowl of dough onto the kitchen floor as she looks up at me.

"Katrina! What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be upstairs filming with Harry?", she picks up the bowl from the floor and sighs as she flips the bowl around, shaking it.

"Mom.", I grin, "What were you doing this time?"

She tosses the dough into the trash before placing the bowl into the sink, "I watched this video on youtube on how to make some rainbow cake and that lady obviously doesn't know how to teach.", she huffs as she dries her hand with the dish rag.

I chuckle, shaking my head in disbelief. My mom has this weird obsession with baking although she clearly has no talent. Yet she always seems to blame the professional chefs she watches on youtube.

"And what are you doing here missy? Don't leave Harry doing all the filming.", she retorts quite sassily.

"I'm just taking a break. That's all."

"Well don't leave that sexy boy waiting. I ship Karry.. Hatrina.. whatever you youngsters call it.", she winks before leaving the kitchen.




I huff as I grab a bottle of water from the fridge, carefully maneuvering my way through the dirty kitchen floor.

I quietly knock on the door before entering, "And this is Katie's diary.", Harry smirks at me as he brings my old diary into view of the camera.

"Harry!" I drop my water bottle and scramble over the bed, snatching my diary away from him as he doubles over laughing.

"Jerk-hole.", I mutter under my breath as Harry says goodbye and turns off the camera.

"God Harry, why do you always go through my things whenever I'm gone?", This is like the 100th time I caught him red handed.

"You haven't even seen the best part.", He smirks, "What?"

He shook his head, "That's for me and the rest of the world to know and for you to never find out." He winks before leaving.

I hear Harry's obnoxious self yell, "See you later Momma H." as he greets my mom and the front door slam shut.

Oh darn him.

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