The Fandom Bunch

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Divergent, Merlin, Harry Potter, Homestuck, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, Adventure Time, Avengers, My Little Pony, Night Vale, and Percy Jackson all live together under one roof. Join them in their crazy adventures of fighting against the evil (and not so evil) bandoms and making sure Twilight doesn't crawl in through the window.


3. Panic & Supernatural

September 30, 2013

After Night Vale's incident at the preschool, Doctor Who and Harry Potter had started homeschooling the fandoms. They were going to do this until after the new year, but it was very tricky, since there were so many different grade levels.

Today, they had been given the day off because A, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures were coming to town, B, Harry and Doctor Who were dead tired, and C, there were a couple new fandoms around.

Hetalia, a sixteen year old boy, had immediately become good friends with Homestuck and because of this, there was some room rearranging.

Star Wars and Star Trek were actually siblings. Star Wars was a girl, Star Trek was a boy. They were both fifteen, and looked up to Doctor Who. They fought all the time, but would defend each other faster than they would defend themselves.

The Fault In Our Stars was a sixteen year old girl with a serious bipolar disorder and a fear of diseases. She was always worrying about the younger fandoms, acting like a mother hen.

Because of the day off, Supernatural had decided to teach Divergent and Sherlock how to shoot a gun. She had stolen giant cut-outs of the One Direction band members from the Bandom Mansion and had given the two young fandoms shotguns filled with silver bullets.

"Sherlock, that is fantastic!" Supernatural praised. The boy had perfect stance and was shooting Harry Styles straight through the heart, stomach, and head. Bit terrifying actually.

"I always endeavor to do better than my peers." Sherlock said in his posh English accent.

Divergent mimicked him in a botched Cockney accent, while shooting a cut-out of Niall Horan.

"Divergent, why don't you aim a little...higher. Fifteen shots to the um...personal area...while painful, will not kill anyone. I like your thinking though! That's where I would shoot him first." 

Divergent lifted the gun higher, pointing it at the cut-outs head. She shot once, twice, three times before finally shooting right through the forehead.

"There you go! Brilliant!"

Supernatural felt a tap on her shoulder. 

"Torchwood!" she exclaimed, seeing the nineteen year old standing behind her, grinning flirtatiously.

Supernatural went for a hug, but Torchwood grabbed her outstretched hand, leaned her back over his arm and kissed her full on the mouth.

Supernatural stood up, blushing scarlet. 

"Isn't she your cousin's adopted sister?" Sherlock asked as he reloaded his gun.

Supernatural turned to him with a sly grin on her face. 

"Hey," she said. "I'm not complaining."

"Torchwood!" Came a yell from the door. Sarah Jane came into the living room carrying two small suitcases. "I got the bags and what the bloody hell is going on here?"

"We're shooting One Direction!" Divergent chirped cheerily.

Sarah Jane looked as if she was going to say something, but shook her head and took the suitcases upstairs to where their rooms were. 

"Okay kids," Supernatural said. "I think that's enough for today. Why don't you put the guns down and go get some juice boxes and graham crackers?"

Supernatural checked the time. Nine o'clock. She decided to go wake everyone else.

As soon as she had helped rouse everyone, she picked up her demon hunting notebook and added an entry.

One Direction (band, not person):

If seen, shoot in the nuts fifteen times, then kill. Use silver or copper bullets.

She then closed her notebook and put it on the stack. Everybody got their own notebook when they turned seven. Most used as a diary, but a select few used it as some kind of observation notebook.

The doorbell rang and Supernatural hurried towards the door. She opened it and Mortal Instruments and Doctor Who came to her sides.

One Direction, Justin Bieber, and some other guy were all standing at the door.

"This is our new band member," One Direction said. They called all the people who lived in the Bandom Mansion 'band members'. "his name is Panic! At The Disco. Isn't he dreamy?"

Supernatural took in his outfit that was clearly designed by One Direction. He was wearing an orange sweater with a plaid collar peeking out from under it and bright pink jeans.

She looked at Mortal who gave her his 'girl, we need to fix this' look and turned back to the bandoms.

"Oh hell no." he said sassily, before grabbing Panic! At The Disco and pulling him inside.

Supernatural and Mortal took him up the stairs and brought him into Mortal's room, which he now had all to himself.

"There is a lot of glitter in here." Panic said staring around. 

"Oh hon, I'm gayer than a flamingo covered in bright pink glitter." Mortal said.

Panic raised his eyebrows and nervously looked at Mortal.

"Don't worry," Mortal said. "You're not my type."

Panic visibly relaxed and sat down on the bed.

"What size are you?"

"Uh..." Panic said.

Mortal sighed exasperatedly and checked the tag on the back of Panic's sweater and then the back of his jeans. This obviously disturbed Panic, who scooted away from Mortal.

Mortal didn't seem to notice and walked over to the closet.

"Perfect," he said. "You're the same size as I am."

"Why is it that no one ever knows their size?" He asked Supernatural.

"I wear a one in jeans." Supernatural said.

"Oh that's great," Mortal said sarcastically. "Do you know your exact measurements?"

Supernatural bit her lip and looked down. Mortal smirked and turned back to the closet.

He pulled out a white AC/DC t-shirt, a red plaid top, and a pair of gray skinny jeans.

"Put this on." He said to Panic.

"Gladly." Panic responded, pulling off the sweater and starting to unbutton his shirt.

"Stay here with Supernatural, I'm going to go talk to Doctor Who about a hair cut, cause right now, you look stupid."

He then left. 

"I'm glad Mortal picked that." She said. "I love AC/DC. And plaid."

Panic smiled as he pulled on the jeans. "I have to admit," he said. "he knows what he's talking about. This haircut is stupid."

It was swept to the side and curled at the ends, Supernatural thought it was supposed to be something like Harry Styles' cut, but it looked really dumb.

He swung his arms out and spun around, as if to say he was done.

"Good, except for the shoes." Supernatural said. "What's your shoe size?"

"Nine and a half. Why?"

"AVENGERS!" Supernatural called down the stairs. "BRING ME THOSE OLD CONVERSES, NOW!"

Avengers came scrambling up the stairs to give a pair of black Converses to Supernatural. She threw them at Panic as Mortal came up the stairs with Doctor Who.

They both came in as Panic was tying his new sneakers. "You're right," Doctor Who said. "His hair is stupid."

"So what are you thinking?" Mortal asked her.

She grinned mischievously. "Ten."

"Should I trust her with scissors?" Panic asked Mortal.

Mortal nodded. "It's Supernatural you have to worry about." 

Panic turned to Supernatural. "Vicious. I like that in a woman." He winked. 

Supernatural laughed. "Don't wink at me when you've got stupid hair. Get it cut, then we'll talk."


Minutes later, Panic stood with hair styled to the likeness of the Tenth Doctor. 

Supernatural passed him a mirror. 

"I like it." He said, grinning.

"Of course you like it," Doctor Who said. "You look like David Tennant. Now go back to the bandoms before they throw plastic eggs at our house again."

They led Panic back down the stairs and out the door, to find One Direction screaming at Taylor Swift, who was standing in front of Harry.

"Get away from him you dirty-" She called Taylor some very foul names.

"One Direction, leave it." Taylor said firmly.

One Direction scoffed. "Why, so you can have him?"

"I have a boyfriend."

One Direction scoffed again. "You have so many boyfriends! Why don't you admit you're a lesbian already?"

Everyone watching gasped. A dark look crossed Supernatural's eyes before she crossed the lawn briskly and punched One Direction across the face.

She then proceeded to beat the shit out of One Direction.

After One Direction had a bloody nose and had probably gone unconscious, Panic came over and put a hand on Supernatural's shoulder.

"I think that's enough." He said.

Supernatural flipped her hair out of her eyes, grabbed Panic by the collar and kissed him.

She then winked at him, gave One Direction a final kick in the stomach and walked back into the house.

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