Mating Call

Hunter is the Future head alpha of the West Brooke Pack. He is 18 and The most known and loved guy in West Brooke, but he lacks the certain adrenaline that is needed sometimes. His Mate.


3. Highschool😫

Hunters POV:

Entering the hellhole,but as my teachers call it the place of learning and discoveries . Well guess what I discovered that I HATE school.

I entered my first period and took my seat across from a group of girls giggling&waving at me. I knew they weren't my mate,because my mate as a special smell I just don't know what it is yet. So I just winked so I can keep them on a friend with benefits level.

All my classes zoomed by really fast, and the next thing I knew was driving home with my fwb(friend with benefit) #1 , Ashelee. She was a Blonde with green/hazel eyes, slight curves but more inticing than loving. She was 5'9 & head cheerleader which is probably why she was so controlling in bed(;

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