*Short Story #1*(S hes gone)

VERY sad. Read to find out what happens.


1. Capter 1

     "Lila dont go over there! Stop! Wait! No Lila its not safe!"I yelled to my elleven year old sister. But it was no use. She wouldent listen. "Its o.k. Brook. Its just a story. Its not really true."She yelled back. Her real name was Dalila but everyone called her Lila. She was to young to understand what was in there. To young to understand what would happen if she went in.

    I knew what would happen. I knew these woods were dangerous. I knew... because I had been in there myself. Four years ago me and my two best friends went into those woods...BUT...only one of us made it out. I was fourteen years old and I had thought it was just a story too. That it wasnt true. Well I was right. The story wasnt true. No...there was something way worse in there. If only we had known what was in there. Then...then we wouldnt have ever dreamed of going in. But we didnt know. And for going in we all payed the price. I lost my two best friends and my two best friends...well they lost there lives.

    No... I couldnt let Lila go into those woods. I-I couldnt loose my sister. I had to tell her the story, and hope she had enough sence to not go into the woods. the woods that haunted my nightmares.

    "Lila. Wait .I have to tell you something."I said. "O.k. but hurry." She replied. I told her what had happened. "...I got out with my life... but my friends... wernt as lucky. I nerly died in there,Lila, because I was foolish enough not to notice the signs. There had been other people in there before us. We saw them. Or at least what was left of them. It was bones all bones.  As far as I know no bodys ever survived that place. No one...except me. Lila...please ...Im beging you ...dont go in there. I-I cant loose my sister either. I-I just cant."I said. I looked down. Tears began to sweal up in my eyes. We sat there in complete scilence for a few minutes. "I-Is that why I never saw Skyler or Jake again?"She finaly asked. "Y-yes" "oh" Scilence again. "Lila . If you go in there...by yourself you will die...I ...almost died. If my friends hadnt been there with me I would have died the second I got in there."I said. S he just staired at me with sympathy. Suddenly her eyes hardened.

    "Brook...I love you... and I had no idea this happened to you. If I had known I wound have told you. I-I just thought you wouldnt understand. Brook...Katlen,Seth, and Rebeca are in there. Those are MY best friends. I know you lost your best friends but that dosnt mean I have to loose mine. and I know you dont want me to go threw what you went threw. Please Brook... I have to save them"She said. Atear went down my cheek. "O-O.k. But im going with you"I said. She smiled. "Thanks. Brook."


    Hello... So ...What did you think. Perfect,Great,Good,O.k., I didnt care, Not good, Bad ,Horable, Or worse than horable.

  I'll finish the story in the next chapter. O.k. buy . I love you all so much.

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