The Perfect Choice

When Kathleen meets Niall and they start dating, she thinks absolutely nothing can get between their happiness, that is until Noel comes around.


19. Without you

SAME DAY: Niall's P.O.V When I got home, I cried my eyes out.How could I've been so stupid!?!I tried calling Kathleen,to explain what had happened but she never answered.As I cried, suddenly the phone rang."Hello?"I said."Hey are you okay?"someone asked."Who is this?"I asked."It's me,Noel.Do you want me to come over?"Noel asked."I don't know, I guess."I said."Okay I'm on my way."Noel said.When Noel arrived at my house,we sat down and she said,"Don't cry.She doesn't deserve your tears.""Yes she does. I'm the one who caused by being dumb and kissing the girl."I said crying."I'm here for you. You don't need Kathleen anymore."Noel said as she holded my hand anfd kissed me. Noel's P.O.V Yes!My plan worked!Now that Kathleen is hurt and weak, I'm going to make her feel sorry that she ever messed with me.
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