The Perfect Choice

When Kathleen meets Niall and they start dating, she thinks absolutely nothing can get between their happiness, that is until Noel comes around.


17. Together

NEXT DAY Kathleen's P.O.V For school, I decided to wear some high waisted,gray, skinny jeans with a white,long sleeve crop-top and some white, high-top Converse.I decided to let my hair down.Since Niall and I are together now, he drives me to and from school instead of taking the bus."Hey babe."Niall said."Hi!"I said,giving him a kiss.As we walked around school, we walked hand-in-hand. After 1st period, Niall walked me to class."So are you guys a thing now!?!"Allison asked."Yeah!"I said."Since when?"Kalley asked with a suspicious look."Since yesterday."Niall said,."Well bye babe!Love you!"Niall said."Bye!"I said as I gave him a goodbye kiss. Noel's P.O.V As I walked around school, I noticed Kathleen and Niall walking hand-in-hand.Hopefully, they are not together because this definitely not part of my plan. Niall's P.O.V When I went into class, Noel asked me,"Are you and Kathleen going out?""Yeah why?"I asked."No reason!"Noel said with tears rolling down her face."Noel!"I yelled but Noel ignored me and ran to the restroom. Noel's P.O.V Dammit!This can't be happening!This wasn't supposed to happen!I let a few tears out just so Niall will think that I like him, even though I totally don't!Now I'm going to have to think of a new plan!
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