The Perfect Choice

When Kathleen meets Niall and they start dating, she thinks absolutely nothing can get between their happiness, that is until Noel comes around.


14. Nora's Soccer Game

SATURDAY:NORA'S GAME Kathleen's P.O.V For Nora's game, I decided to put my hair in a perfect ponytail. I decided to wear some running shorts, a red T-shirt, and some black Reeboks.As I watched the game, I noticed a familiar blonde coming towards me."What are you doing here?"I said not even looking up."I came to see Nora play."Niall said."How did you know I was here?"I asked."Your mom told me you would be here."Niall said as he sat next to me.During the game I didn't talk or even look at Niall.After the game, Nora came to us and said,"Did you guys see me play?""Yeah you were awesome!"Niall said."Nora go wait for me in the car."I said as I handed her the car keys.""Well I got to go."I said."Kathleen?"Niall said."What!?!"I spat."I don't know why you're so mad at me, but I'm sorry."Niall said."I'm mad because you spend more time with a girl you barely know than me!"I yelled. Niall's P.O.V Kathleen did have a point.I was spending more time with Noel than Kathleen."I'm sorry!I'll make it up to you!"I said."Bye Niall."Kathleen said as she walked away from me.
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