Beauty Queen

Sarah, Nicole, Lauren and Bethany all meet each other through being scouted by the same one modelling company. They soon become best friends, but are all competing for the top place in the industry. Can their friendship make it through the struggles of rejection, boys, and the job?


4. Boys

"Nicole and Zayn." Nicole shrugs, as she has no idea who that is. "Lauren and Niall." John says, and Lauren shrieks, jumping up and down on her heels. "Bethany and Louis." Bethany smiles, and squirms a little in her shoes. "Sarah and Harry." I nod. He's the one with the curly hair...right? "Okay girls, now you know who you're with, go out, go to the main room, find the member you're with, and get photos taken with them. No funny business, come straight back here. Got it?" We nod, but Nicole and me share a secret glance.

"We promise, John!" Bethany says, and looks all grown up. Honestly, she's probably the most responsible out of all of us, and is always warning me not to get into trouble. He nods. "Lauren, you're up first." Lauren squeals, throws a last glance at us, eyes twinkling with excitement, and scurries out of the room. John follows. "Bethany, keep these two out of trouble for me." He warns, and Bethany nods reassuringly. The door slams shut after him, and I flop down on a white sofa, adjusting my too small top. I feel in these clothes, but hey, what can you do? 


We all start talking, and there's a knock at the door. 

"Yeah?" I call, surprised that anyone would be looking for one of us this soon. A mass of dark curls opens the door, followed by the head of...Harry Styles. Then Louis, and Zayn. 

"Oh, so we have got the right room!" Harry says, grinning cheekily. I fold my arms, suddenly feeling very self aware of how I look.

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