I Can Only Hear You

Niall is the best boyfriend ever. I never thought he would slip into a coma like that so suddenly. Turns out he could only hear me until he awoke, I talk to him and he listens but never responds. I know inside that he is trying to wake himself up. I see his facial expressions. The boys try to talk to him, but I'm the only one who can get him to listen to me....


12. Proud

" Oh my god" Liam said. " I know right" said Niall. "Wow this is not normal!" The nurses and doctors said. "Wow Pay Pay you taught him?" Asked Louis. "Yes I did". "I love you for that Payton." Niall said. "This is going in the newspaper!" Said one of the doctors. "Does Simon know?" Asked Niall. " yea I called him and told him he is extremely proud! I told him. "Next lesson is waking up". I said.

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