I Can Only Hear You

Niall is the best boyfriend ever. I never thought he would slip into a coma like that so suddenly. Turns out he could only hear me until he awoke, I talk to him and he listens but never responds. I know inside that he is trying to wake himself up. I see his facial expressions. The boys try to talk to him, but I'm the only one who can get him to listen to me....


1. Payton and Niall


Payton and Niall are like 2 peas in a pod, or should I say 2 orders of Nandos in a bag! Haha! Now you have to admit that was a funny joke of mine!! Anyway... I'm glad that they are together, and boy oh boy was I jealous of Niall when he brought her in!


Payton is sweet and harmless. It's like Payton and Niall or Niall and Payton 24/7! Being daddy direction... I have to make sure Niall and Payton are not doing anything bad... Haha! We'll they may have already who knows!


Niall would be lost without her! "Nothing can come between Niall and Nandos!" Oh we are talking about Payton?? Oops. We'll, Payton is beautiful and like Niall in every way! About the Nandos thing, and thinking Nandos was Payton don't say a word.


I love hanging out with Pay Pay. Pay Pay be cray cray. Without Payton I have no idea what Niall would do and I know for a fact that he loves her little American accent. He thinks it's adorable. Oh the romance!

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