I Can Only Hear You

Niall is the best boyfriend ever. I never thought he would slip into a coma like that so suddenly. Turns out he could only hear me until he awoke, I talk to him and he listens but never responds. I know inside that he is trying to wake himself up. I see his facial expressions. The boys try to talk to him, but I'm the only one who can get him to listen to me....


2. Going Shopping


"Niall!" I called as he ran down the stairs. "I'm coming, I'm coming as fast as my Irish legs can take me!" I laughed. "You ready to go?" I asked him. "Yea I like seeing you try on clothes and telling you if I like them, and trust me, I always do." I laughed and rolled my eyes as I grabbed my purse. We walked to the car and we hopped in. Niall passed by Nandos and gave me the puppy dog face. "Aww! Oh course baby!" I said. "Yay!" He yelped. After we were done eating we went straight to the mall. "Go in that store" he said pointing to Victoria Secret. "No Niall, you know what happened last time we went in that store." "Yea" we laughed as the memory raced through our head. We finally chose a store and went into Rue 21. Niall helped me choose clothes. "Wow Niall you are a fashion expert." I beamed. "Yes call it the Niall Horan Irish collection!" We laughed. As I went in the nearest dressing room Niall said "I wish I could come in there with you!" "That's how we got in trouble at Victoria Secret!" We laughed once again.

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