I Can Only Hear You

Niall is the best boyfriend ever. I never thought he would slip into a coma like that so suddenly. Turns out he could only hear me until he awoke, I talk to him and he listens but never responds. I know inside that he is trying to wake himself up. I see his facial expressions. The boys try to talk to him, but I'm the only one who can get him to listen to me....


3. At The Park

After the mall we went to the park. We held hands and walked around the trail. "I love you Niall" I said, "I love you-" he got cut off by a scream. About 10 fans came storming over there and said "Aww" we laughed. They we all saying "can I get a picture" or "autographs". Being Niall he did a few, but he bravely said "I'm trying to spend time with my girl friend." Some girls rolled their eyes, some said "Okay" or "okay sorry" and then left. Some were angry. We just walked away. "Anyway, I love-" he got cut off again. And collapsed to the ground. 3 angry fans/haters hit him with bricks. " HaHa" they yelled and ran away. I cussed at them but they were gone. Niall was bleeding on his head. Bleeding bad. He had a concussion. I yelled for help on the trail, and called the boys because maybe they knew what to do. As soon as I called they were all there just like that. "What happened?" Said Liam. Zayn bent down to see if he was ok. "His pulse is weak, and he is not responding." Zayn said. "We need to get him to a hospital ASAP" Louis said rapidly. We all quickly got him in their car, and I left mine. I hope he is ok.

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