Not Another Stylinson Entries

This is my 'Not Another stylinson' Entry.




****surprise P.O.V*****


  I sat in a local coffee shop, waiting. I took a look at my watch. She was five minutes late. Like always, I thought to myself. I heard the bell jingle, and looked up to see her.

 "DANI!!!" I couldn't help but scream. I was so excited to se her. It's been ages

 "EL!!!" She yelled back. She rushed to our table. We stood there hugging each other, for what felt like forever. 

 "You look amazing! Still dancing?" I asked, sliding into the both. She slid in on the other side.

 "Actually, yes, I'm teaching a dance class. I have some very talented students." She said excitedly. "How have you been? It's been so long!" She squealed. 

 "I've been good. How are you?" I asked. She looked so happy.

 "I've been good too!" She said. We sat there talking for hours. Felt great catching up with her, it almost made me forget the guilt of missing my son's footy game, almost.

 "Don't be a stranger this time!" She said giving me one last hug before leaving. 

 "I won't I called out.


- hey I know this is short but I was just an idea. I wasn't sure if you said which friend Eleanor was meeting up with. I just assumed it was Danielle.  :) hope you like it! 

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