Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


6. Chapter 6.

Aaliyah's P.O.V 

It was 9:59 . All of our parents stood before us to give us their final rules . "Okay here are the rules . No parties , No drinking , No drugs , One friend allowed over at a time .  , There is no leaving unless its important , Aaron Stay out of trouble please and Aaliyah . " Mom said . I looked up at her .

She let out a sigh "Take care of your brother ". I nodded smiling . "Zayn sweetheart stay safe , No smoking okay ?" Queen Trisha says sweetly to her son . He nodded "Yes mum " . "Alright we're off remember what we told you guys " Dad called as they walked out the door .

"Yes daddy we love you , Drive safe , Don't get too drunk , Don't bring home any babies " I waved . I shut the front door behind them then stripping off my robe revealing my Black party dress . "How do I look ?" I asked them . "Looks like you're about to break Mom and Dads rules like always " Aaron folds his arms .

 " 50 bucks to keep quiet ?" I bribed him . "Make it 55 and I'll forget we had this conversation " He smirked holding out his hand . I picked my bag up off the floor and pulled out 55 crisp dollar bills and put them in his hands .

"Have fun little sis " He said running up to his room while counting out the money . I sighed shaking my head . I walked up to my room quickly Pulling my hair into a bun and leaving out my bangs .

I put on a little make up and put on a Denim jean jacket . As I sat in my chair putting on my black bow wedges I heard my door open and I looked up to see Zayn in a different Casual attire with a lit cigarette in his hand . His hair laying flat against his forehead . He was a different kind of sexy . "Um can I use your blow dryer ? " He asked .

I nodded going into my bathroom and getting my blow dryer from under the sink . I walked out to him placing it in his hands . "That dress is a little short don't you think ? " He asked .

"Is it ?" I tried to look at the back but I heard him just chuckle . "Don't worry about my opinion you look perfect " He winked biting his lip . I just stood there as he walked out . Zayn literally just said I looked perfect . He winked at me .. Am I dreaming ? . My thoughts were interrupted by my phone buzzing on my nightstand .

I shook my head trying to get back to reality as I walked over to my nightstand and getting my phone reading the text . 

I'm outside ;) - Jack

Okay here I come - Aaliyah 

I fixed myself in the mirror before I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the front door . "Don't stay out too late babe .. I'll be waiting for you " Zayn smirk . "Shut up .. Besides don't you have a girlfriend you should be getting to ?" I asked him folding my arms . His phone buzzed

"You're right . As a matter of fact that's her right now " He said they taking his attention onto his phone . I rolled my eyes walking out the door to see Jack leaning against his Black 2014 Monte Carlo . He waved and I waved back walking down the drive way and meeting face to face with him . He started from my feet running his eyes all the way back up to my face .

"If guys wanna get with you tonight they might just have to go through me . " He bit his lip . I just laughed . "Well after you Ma'lady " He opened the door bowing like an idiot . "Thank you . You're such a gentlemen " I smiled getting in "Aren't we all " He said making me laugh . He got in on the other side starting the car .

"So who else is gonna be at this party ?" I asked putting on my seat belt . "They said it was just a typical house party but of course anything could go down " Jack sighed .

I agree .

From my experience of house parties anything .. I mean anything . Could happen 


Me and Jack walked in side by side in the mansion that belong to no other than Louis Tomlinson , Football jock , and the biggest dick to ever walk the earth . The jocks have this party every year in different locations but it was always invite so there is obviously more people here than usual .

We walked in the door hearing the music get louder and he took my hand pulling me through a lot of people to the kitchen to meet up with the guys . The Jocks . "Are you okay ?" Jack asked me . "Yeah its just really crowded " I looked around at all the people dancing to 5 seconds of summer .

"Just stay close to me " He smiled pulling me to his side . I smiled back . He made it to the Kitchen Jack wasting no time to announce our arrival . "I have arrived !" he yelled getting their attention . "Ah Jack mate we've been waiting for you . And I couldn't but notice you bought the sexy Princess Aaliyah ." Harry smirked .

I rolled my eyes as he kissed my hand . Harry Styles was the flirt . The most charming actually . He's really sweet when he's not trying to take every girl to the prom to not hurt all of their feelings .

"Stop Haz you're making the girl uncomfortable . Its good to see you Aaliyah look more beautiful than ever" Liam smiled and I waved smiling back . Liam Payne is the sweet one . He's second striker on the team and hella adorable . Very faithful when it comes to girls too but we don't know about the girls he dates .

 "Don't worry these cunts don't know a thing about women . They're all with guys anyway " Niall shook his head . I laughed with Jack as they all started to punch Niall's arms and yell .

"Okay okay guys enough Wheres Louis ?" Jack asked tightening the grip on my waist . I could tell he was getting a little jealous . "He's upstairs with a girl he met last week . You know him and Lily broke up " Harry said . "Oh yeah how's it going with Eleanor ?" Jack asked a little smirk .

"In love already you can just tell " Niall teased making them all chuckle . "Well hey .. not everyone can feel that way .. But he's not the only one " Jack comments his gaze turning over to me . I began to blush but I tried my best to hide it . "Okay well we'll talk to you guys later" He smiled waving to the guys .

The all agreed going back to whatever they were taking about . "I saw you blushing " He said to me. I  looked away smiling "Would you like a drink ?" He grabbed 2 cups from the table pouring alcohol in both of them and handing one to me .

I shrugged "Cheers" I clashed our glasses together then pouring the burning liquid down my throat . That was only the beginning of a long long night 


Me and Jack soon ended up in the middle of the dance floor drunk slow dancing . I was too drunk to even think about how close he was to my body . It was still crowed but half the people were passed out . "You're so sexy " He growled in my ear biting my earlobe . His hands making their way slowly to my bum .

I moaned softly at his touch . He began to look into my eyes . His lips calling my name and before I could catch myself back to sober reality I kissed him . I felt him melt into my kiss kissing me more passionately . Sucking on my lips and squeezing my bum he hoisted me up wrapping my legs around his waist .

He carried me upstairs putting me down on a soft bed . He laid ontop of me kissing . Though I was drunk It was something I'll never forget .

Especially since I never expect me to be barefoot and drunk for my first kiss .

Couldn't have been crazier I guess . 

Sorrrehh its like rreaaall longg !!! lol . But still 

LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!YASSS!!!

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