Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


4. Chapter 4.

THIS IS JACK .. Jack Gilinsky ♥ .. He just babe ain't he ? Mm!

Aaliyah's P.O.V


I arrived at the Cafe and I sat in the car for a second to make sure Jack was there . I could see him through the window Laughing with the customers sitting at the counter and bar stools as he cleaned cups . Lidia must have lied about being there because I didn't see her anywhere .

I got out the car kinda fixing myself and I began to walk in . "Morning Princess" A couple people said I smiled and waved . "Heeey Liyah !!" Jack said loudly . I chuckled at his cuteness "I didn't know you had to work today " I said . "Well not everyone can be the Princess of London babe " He sighed . 

"Yeah yeah its not that great .. How was the game yesterday ?" I asked him sitting at the bar stool in front of him . "Lost . By 2 points . But the other team was cheating we were winning at first . and then they started putting up points so they could be 1 point ahead of us . " he shook his head .

I sighed "None of this would have happened if my mom just would have let me go " I complained . He put his hands up in defense "Whoa calm down Aaliyahsaurus " . I laughed " I'm okay really .. its just .. My mom is always so hard on me doing adult stuff . I'm only 18 can I be a teenager " I crossed my arms . 

"Maybe they're just getting you ready for a higher stand .. You're not gonna be the little Princess forever .. one day you're gonna get married and have a princess of your own and . Maybe they just wanna see if your ready for the pressure " He leaned against the counter looking me in my eyes . 

"Its hard " I sighed . He bit his lip a little smile growing on his face slowly "I swear if I could I would let you live with me . But they would think I kidnapped you ... and I would do that too " . His smiled blushing a little . "I love talking to you you always make me feel better " I explained to him . "We're bestfriends right ? its what we do .. Can I get you the usual ? while you wait for slow ass Lidia ?" He asked me pulling out a clear cup . 

"yes please . I don't know what's taking her so long " . Right when I said that Here came Lidia and Niall her 'Bestfriend' walking through the glass doors . "Oh hey Aaliyah !" Lidia said excitedly . "Hey I thought you were already here I've been waiting for you " I told her . "Not everyone can be on time princess " Niall shrugged . "Isn't he just the cutest ?" Lidia blushed . 

"Don't get me started babe I will run through you like a race car on this chair " Niall smirked . She giggled . "Hey no PDA you guys are gonna get me fired one day " Jack told them pouring my drink in the cup . "Sorry .. There's always later " Lidia smirks running her finger over Niall's lips seductively . 

This is what I mean by 'bestfriends' . Really they're friends with benefits and They don't really want everyone to know the truth . So when nobody they know from school are around they literally try to have sex anywhere that its possible . Its disgusting . "Anyway do you have any plans tonight ?" Jack asked me . 

"No I don't think so . Why what's up ?" I asked him . "Well the Football Jocks are having some party tonight . They want everyone to be there no invite .. just show up .. You down for going with me ?" He smirked wiggling his eye brows. I chuckled . "Yeah I'm down . What am I supposed to be wearing ?" I asked him .

"Wear something sexy . I'll be there to pick you up at 10 " He winked then walking away to meet the customers . This is the most flirty I have ever seen Jack . I don't know why when he's a flirt like 24/7 . Maybe he just wasn't this flirty with me . "You guys really should just have sex already .. Nobody's looking " Lidia shrugged .

I rolled my eyes . "You're only saying that because you're caught up in the sexual moment with your umm .. friend " I smiled at her . "True true" She nodded continuing to kiss Niall . I rolled my eyes smiling . I felt my phone buzz in my pocket and I pulled it out reading the text message from Aaron . 

Family meeting . make your way back to the kingdom ASAP -AARON'S DAH MAN .

Okay here I come - Liyah boo . 

"I gotta go I'll see y'all later . Tell Jack I said bye " I told them getting up from the seat . "Don't worry I'll tell yo boo " I heard Lidia yelled . I shook my head . I have a nut job as a bestfriend . I wonder what the whole Family meeting is about . I hope there's no bad news .

Now I introduced Jack the babe best friend , Lidia the crazy one , and Niall the sex god .. Lol !! 


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