Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


19. Chapter 19

Aaliyah's P.O.V


Ugh! Jack is such a bastard !! . I feel so stupid because I let him drive me to fucking believe he actually loved me . . That he'd never do some shit like that to me . The whole time I walked home I shed tears over him .

Knowing he wasn't trying to catch me , nor was he crying over me . I walked in the door walking straight up to my room slamming my door . "Aye What the fuck Liyah !!" Aaron yelled ." Leave me the fuck alone !! " I cried . My head in my hands . I felt like such an idiot and it hurts .

I let him in knowing somebody was gonna get hurt . Either it was me , him ... or Zayn . I don't know why I didn't trust Zayn and that hurts too . Because . Duh I don't know what the hell he's think about me right now . He might think I'm such a dumb girl .

like always 

For the rest of the night I sat in my room , I didn't come down for dinner , didn't come down for dessert . Sat in my bed trying to relieve my pain with sleep . I Just wanna forget but I cant .

My face in the pillow only my ears visible I could hear my door creak open . "Aaliyah .. " I heard Zayn voice . I didn't answer him but he knew I was there as he walked up to my bed and sat next to me .

"What's wrong ?" He asked putting his hand on my waist . I kept it there . More tears feel from my eyes as he made me think about Jack again . Moments later I sucked up some of my crying and blurted out .

"Zayn I'm so-sorrry" . He chuckled "Why are you sorry?" "Because . I should have trusted you and what you said about Jack . and I thought it was because you didn't like him --" "It doesn't matter what I think Aaliyah he's your boyfriend--" "Was" I cut him off . He looked at me confused .

"He was " I began to cry again . He rose from my bed picking me up in his arms . He took me to his room were he laid down in his recliner chair with me on his shirtless chest and sung quietly in my ear as I cried into his shoulder .

"What am I gonna do with you Princess" He Sighed rubbing my back . As much as I 'Hated' Zayn . I loved how he was there for me . and though we're sneaky as hell ... He cares .

"Just don't let me go " I answered . "Promise ?" . I held out my pinky . He laughed responding while linking our pinkies together

" Promise " 




LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!<3

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