Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


18. Chapter 18.

Zayn's P.O.V


After getting dressed for the day I made my way downstairs for a little brunch . Sleeping next to Aaliyah yesterday had to be the highlight of my week to be fair . I wonder why it couldn't be like that everyday with me and her .

But unfortunately we can't go a fucking day without arguing .

I hate her .. But I like her . I might even ... Never mind that . I just ... sometimes it pisses me off that she actually likes Jack when she doesn't know what he's doing behind her back .

Oh I haven't forgot about him and my ex Girlfriend at the fucking pub tipsy as fuck . one day I'm just gonna catch him in the fucking act . But not for me .. But to protect Aaliyah's feelings .

Liz  sat my Chicken and Waffles in front of me with my tall glass of pepsi . As I ate here she came . Aaliyah in all her beauty wearing what looked like a pair of my sweats .

I just chuckled continued to eat as I didn't wanna say tooo much . With her brother in the room atleast .

We ate silently . I occasionally looked at her as she ate her food and texted on her phone at the same time . She looked ... wow . "Dude why are you just looking at her ?" Aaron commented .

I groaned throwing my napkin at his face . "Shut up " I mumbled . "Well not being rude or anything . but I wouldn't want people in my face while I'm trying to eat . " Aaron said getting up and walking away .

I rolled my eyes looking back at her . "Are you alright ?" I asked her . She looked over at me just smiling . "Yeah . " She said her smile soon disappearing . "Oh really ?" I folded my arms . She sighed looking at me .

"Zayn I don't know if I'm okay right now " She mumbled . I bit my lip getting up from my seat . I knew what she wanted . I knew what was gonna make her feel better like always .

 I walked over to her beginning to rub her shoulders . " You seem tense baby " I said to her . " Zayn No " She said moving from the chair and walking into the kitchen . and as stubborn as I am I followed her .

"What's wrong ?" I asked her seeing her leaning over the counter . " Did I do something wrong . I'll make it right I promise ." I told her grabbing onto her waist . She pulled away from me once again .

"Yes Zayn you're the problem . " She shouted . I furrowed my eye brows chuckling lightly . "I'm the problem ?" .

Aaliyah's P.O.V


"I'm the problem ?" Zayn asked confusedly . I couldn't take this shit anymore . The guilt was eating up at me . The more I even THOUGHT about breaking Jack's heart the more it killed me .

" Yes you're the problem Zayn . You know I -I can't take this guilt anymore ! . Jack is a good guy and . I can't keep going to him but coming home to you that has to stop . " I told him .

"Oh so nooww you wanna feel sorry for what you're doing ? . Ha you're so pathetic you know that Aaliyah . " He rolled his eyes .

"Oh I'm pathetic . what about you and your ex . You cried over that nasty ass bitch after she fucking cheated on you and showed you her little sex tape !! .. Oh but I love her she was my first love meh meh meh shut the fuck up !" I yelled .

" Oh okay . says the girl who's so fucking loose she has 2 dudes running through her back to back every 10 minutes . Who's dick are you going to tonight Li-Li " He said . " Maybe If you never fucking showed up I wouldn't be in this mess --" " Neither would I .. I fucking hate you " He yelled .

"I HATE YOU TOO !!" His and my voice bounced off the walls making the whole room silent . we didn't respond with anything until He lightly chuckled .

" I'm guessing this is the part where you storm out of the room . Go to the coffee shop to see Jack huh ? .. Well maybe we're not the only one playing with the dirty dice . remember that Aaliyah . " He finished walking out of the kitchen .

I heard a few things break and screaming coming from the outside . I just shook my head . Zayn's such a dick . I walked out the kitchen some tears rolling down my face . I slipped on my uggs and my northface jacket before   walking out the door .

I left my keys running down the street of busy england until I made it to the coffee shop .I walked in not seeing jack at his post . " Is jack here ? We need to talk " I asked one of his co-workers .

"Oh Jack is in the back on his lunch break you can go back if you'd like " She smiled . I smiled back not to be rude then maing my way to the employee lounge .

But as I opened the door .. I saw Jack .. and that Perrie girl kissing on the couch . His eyes looked up at me and grew twice the size they were .

"Aaliyah .." He said . I shook my head as Zayn's voice began to play in my head

"We're not the only ones playing with the dirty dice .." . 

I shook my head as tears came down my face once again . "Aaliyah wait !" He yelled as I ran out of there . I ran out of the coffee shop stopping to cry . "Aaliyah I can explain --" "No jack I don't wanna hear it . " I told him .

" Aaliyah please just hear me out ..." . I shook my head once again . " No .. I gotta go " I said continuing to walk home from where I was .

Leaving him at the curb to watch me walk away . As I walked home I didn't wanna admit it ..

But Zayn was right 


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3


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