Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


16. Chapter 16.

Aaliyah's P.O.V


After putting on my clothes for the day I pulled my hair into a sock bun and went downstairs for breakfast . For some reason I haven't heard from Zayn since yesterday when we kinda .. well would you call that a fight or .. well we had a tight argument and he hasn't talked to me since .

I hated the silent treatment he was giving me but we can obviously tell he's just being a spoiled little bitch as always so I'm not even mad . Though he wasn't talking to me I could tell he had something on his mind . Something important at least . I sat down at the table next to my brother who was starring down at his phone smiling like a dumb ass .

Once I sat down Liz sat my orange juice in front of me following with my silverware .  "Where's your little fuck buddy ??" I heard Aaron's voice against my ear drums . I rolled my eyes . " Shut up " I mumbled not really wanting to talk about Zayn . And the fact that he said fuck buddy really put a churn in my stomach . "whoa . somebody woke up on the wrong side of Zayn's bed this morning .. "  he said .

I knew he was playing around but he really wanted me to sock his ass at any moment . They brung out our food and I watched then sit Zayn's food at the end of the table where he usually sits . Then for some reason I hungrily wanted to know what Zayn was thinking of . Why did he have something to say to me but won't speak to me . "Princess Aaliyah darling may you please wake Prince Zayn ." Liz said putting a straw in his Milk . I nodded . and Now I was gonna get my answers .

I got up from my seat fixing my floral skirt . I walked up the red velvet stairs until I met Zayn's room . I tried to open the door but it was locked . So I just knocked on the door . " Zayn ... Breakfast is ready " I called out . I heard nothing from the inside . Which made me think He was in a deep sleep .

So I looked into the flower pot next to his door and got his room key out . I thought they would have told him about this . I unlocked his door and quitely opening the door seeing nobody in the room . "Zayn .. ?" I questioned why he wasn't in the room . I looked all around the spacious area for him .

"Zay--ahh!!" I squealed as I turned around seeing Zayn with his arms folded looking at me blankly . "I've been looking for --" "Why are you in my room .." He asked . I sighed . " Liz told me to come wake you . But I see you're already .. awake . I'm gonna leave now . " I said trying to walk out the door but I was pulled back , a strong force touching my backside . " You're not going anywhere " . Zayn's voice corrupted my ear . " What are you talking about let me go !" I yelled . I tried to get away but he was to strong shoving me down on the bed and closing his door .

" Zayn--" " I get Jealous Aaliyah .. I need you .. " He said as he began to kiss my neck . " Zayn pl --p.." I couldn't finish my sentence as I felt a hand meet my pussy . I began to moan as he rubbed it in slow soft circle . The louder I moaned he stopped . "You gotta be quiet babe " He whispered . I no longer heard the anger in his voice .

His hand hips as he began to kiss me . He took off his shirt and unzipped his pants pulling them down along with his underwear to his knees . His dick slapped his stomach from hardness . He lifted up my arms removing my shirt and my skirt followed by my panties  . Luckily I wasn't wearing any shoes . He continued to kiss me as he lowered himself into my . He grunted in my ear .

I moaned as he began to thrust in and out of me slowly . He went slow for a while but he began to go a little faster each time until we were both laying at the foot of the bed wrapped in his blankets covering our nakedness . ".. Why did we do this ?" I asked my not looking at him . He wasn't looking at me either

. " I just .. You don't know what you do to me " He shook his head . I rolled my eyes not wanting to hear that cliche bullshit anymore . " Aaliyah hear me out ... I don't know what I was saying the other day .. But I promise it meant something . This break up I went through was hard and the fact that .. I lost a best friend to a relationship .. I just didn't wanna see you do the same --" "What me and Jack have is not the same as what You and Perrie had at all " I mumbled .

 " Whatever .. Its the same problem . Though it may seem like I just want to fuck you all the time . Thats not true . I care .. I think I've came to the decision of that .." . He finished . My eyes the most of big . Did he say he cared .. about me .. is he sure about that ?? .

"You might not believe me .. and I get it . Because I know I can be a dick sometimes .. but I hope it doesn't jeopardize what we got Aaliyah .. I just want you to be careful with Jack .. I don't trust him and I know you like him . I'm just saying be careful " He said . With that he turned to his side facing me . I tried not to but I looked at him . His words amazed me . and I was completely shocked with them .

You could obviously tell he didn't care for jack that much but .. the fact that he actually cares about me is weird . We hate each other . He slowly began to pull me to his side . He hugs me tightly so our chest touch . "Are you upset with me .. ?" He asked silently . I don't know why I would be . Expect the fact he was being a bitch all week . But I agree . I don't wanna give up what we had .. We had something special . " .. No . " I finally answered 


I walked into the cafe knowing it was about to close for the day . I saw Jacks co worker Allison cleaning off the tables and I spotted Jack taking his last order of the day . I walked up sitting in the stool I always sit and and he immediately noticed me like he was watching the seat all day .

" Hey babe ... Ill have that coffee out in a second sir " He told the older gentlemen putting his order on the order board . " Hey . " I said with a little less excitement . Though he really wanted me to see him and I've been sleep all day with Zayn . " come on I got something " He smiled taking my hand and guiding me out to the inside of the kitchen . "For me ?" I questioned .

"Yeah .. " He nodded . We finally got to the employee lounge all the way in the back of the cafe . He closed the door behind him before sitting me in a black bean bag chair . He put his hands behind his back . " I remember I gave you the necklace . but .. That was the beginning of something real . and I realize that I wanna .. be with you for the rest of my life . and I promise .. " He held out a silver and diamond ring .

I covered my mouth in shock . " I promise . Ill be your first love .. and your last .. " He said . I was seriously about to cry . Because not only was this the sweetest thing ever . but I felt guilt come up my throat . My stomach started to spin , my intestines going on roller coaster rides .

" Jack .. I - I don't know what to say .." I said speechless . "You don't have to say anything ... Just kiss me " He whispered . He grabbed my face pulling it close as we began to kiss passionately . He began to climb on top of me slipping the ring of my finger .  

Before I knew it we were taking off each others clothes until I was naked on the floor and he was on top . He licked on my chest and down my stomach . " You ready " He kissed me . I couldn't help but nod . As he stuck inside me I felt more guilty . It was sad to say I loved Zayn's touch better .. Everything was better 


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