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This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


14. Chapter 14.

Aaliyah's P.O.V

The weird thing about this date is Jack wasn't being Jack . He was more turned on than he usually is around me which is odd . I don't know what's gotten into Jack all of the sudden but something tells me his plan is to have tonight end with me naked in his parents bed . Just saying . 

We sat at the top of the steep hill watching the stars with all the other couples around London . But every other one seemed to be arguing or something around us but we paid no attention .

"I love it up here .. The view is so beautiful " Jack said looking out into the sky .

for once not at me .

"Yeah . It is . " I smiled .

He looked at me taking his lip between is teeth . He began to slowly lean in until our lips were touching and we were kissing He slowly began to lay me down on the grass my tiara falling off in the process .

He hovered over top of me beginning to put more tongue in his kiss . I wanted to stop him but I also didn't . I knew I had to . we can't fuck in the middle of a public park lets be real here .

I pulled away from his kiss and he looked at me confused .

"What's wrong baby ?" He bit his lips .

I sighed " Nothing its just .. " I shook my head .

He sighed kinda upset . " I understand .. " He mumbled like he knew what I was about to say .

"What ?" I questioned his theory .

" I know .. I know you feel un comfortable about this whole sexual flirting thing only in the beginning of our relationship " He said .

I chuckled raising up . " I never said that " .

"Good " He said then continuing to kiss me seductively .

"But .. " I released from the kiss putting my finger to his lips .

"Maybe we should wait . We're 18 .. we're not ready " I told him basically lying to his face .

I lied saying I wasn't ready when clearly I just had sex with Zayn who is also 18 years old and fucked up in the head . This is crazy .

" Oh .. Okay that's cool. I'm willing to wait on you if that's what it takes " He smiled taking my hands . I smiled back kissing him .

"Come on let me take you home before Liz decides to tell your parents you've been out all night " He said picking us both up from the grass

. I grabbed my tiara "Its okay she never tells .She's cool like that " .


"Princess its 1am . You know you aren't supposed to be out this late " Terrance argued with me .

"This isn't my fault it was Jack . We had the best time together but it got a little carried away while we were watching the stars . I'm sorry . Don't tell my parents " I begged .

I was on my knees trying to get him to not tell .

"T lighten up . She's just a teenager . A bit of freedom would be nice . Shes always busy " Liz backed me up .

God bless her . He rolled his eyes putting away his emergency phone that only had my parents numbers in it .

"Alright . You win this time . Next time will be different Princess understand ?" Terrance said .

"Yeah Yeah whatever thankyou so much " I squealed hugging Liz and Terrance at the same time .

After that I ran upstairs but I was soon stopped by a voice .

"Jack kept you out all night huh ?" Aaron said . "Yeah why ?" I folded my arms .

" Oh no reason . Zayn is out with some friends also .. You know it took me a while to catch on to what you and Zayn were talking about at the table this morning .. but something tells me you guys had sex . codes just can't be used anymore " He shrugged .

"We did not !!" I yelled . "Oh rlly .. Then tell me why I found dad's "box" on their bed . opened . " He smirked folding his arms .

" So what that could have been Liz or Terrance or them both " I shrugged because Aaron isn't really proving a point .

"I'm not done though smart ass" He said .

I was beginning to get a little worried now .

"Why did I also find . Your beanie , His Jimmy Hendricks t-shirt he wore to the game , and this opened condom wrapper on the floor ..?" He smirked at my guilty .

"You wanna say something smart now .? Don't worry I have more evidence let me just --" "Please don't .." I stopped him .

He turned around with his arms folded . "Don't tell anyone okay . Tell somebody and this goes out to Jack . None of this was supposed to happen I swear " I told him .

"Hm .. Fair . I won't tell however .. " He put his finger up .

I groaned "What ?" I asked .

You have to let me bang Lidia " he said .

I looked at him "What ? Bang Lidia ? When did you ever like Lidia ?" I asked him .

"Oh I don't . But Niall is talking about how much of a freak she is and everything . I just wanna do it one time to see how it feels " He explained .

I rolled my eyes . "Fine . She wants to fuck you anyway " "Good . Then it will make things twice as fun . Good night " He threw the evidence in my hands and walked back to his room .

I rolled my eyes going into my own room . I threw the stuff in a corner and took off my shoes and stuff changing into a t shirt and shorts . I got under my soft warm blankets and closed my eyes hoping for slumber but instead my phone rings . It must not want me to get any sleep . I groaned picking up the phone and reading a text from Zayn 

Are you home ? - Zayn

Um .. Yes why ?- Aaliyah 

Because . I need some Princess tonight these bitches are boring . I'll be home in 10 wait in my room . clothes off . Legs open ;) -Zayn 

Wouldn't it be wrong to turn down Jack but fuck Zayn ? . What kind of question is that of course its wrong . I can't 

I can't today I'm tired - Aaliyah 

And I won't take no for an answer . Don't worry I'll be in charge if that's what you're worried about - Zayn 

As much as its wrong I obviously can't get away with no with Zayn . He's so fucking stubborn . Maybe just once more . It wouldn't be so bad would it ?


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!♥


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!!♥


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