Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


11. Chapter 11.

Aaliyah's P.O.V

Right now the game was even . We were only losing by 1 point and I hope it stays that way until they switch out for the dream team A.K.A Louis , Liam , Niall , Harry , and Aaron . If Louis is calling the shots there's no way we could lose .

The whistle blew again signalling another penalty kick for Ridge way Making everyone on our side groan . As I watched literally praying in my head that they wouldn't make it pass the goalie I felt my Tiara be lifted off my head . I gasped feeling all over my head for it .. but then I looked up and noticed Jack wearing it impersonating me .

"Long live Princess Liyah !!" He yelled making everyone around him laugh . "Jack quit !" I chuckled taking my Tiara back and putting it on my head . He leaned down pressing a kiss on my cheek . " You look beautiful babe " He smiled . " Aw thanks " I smiled back . "Yeah .. So are we winning ? " He asked a little excited .

"No not yet . We will start winning soon " I sighed . The loud siren went off telling everyone in the bleachers that it was the end of the 3rd quarter . "I hope . The game is so close " He said . As I was talking to Jack my phone was buzzing in my pocket . I pulled it out reading the new text message

I don't know where you guys are sitting come get me :( - Lidia

Okay lol -Aaliyah

I removed myself from Jacks grip on me . "I have to go get Lidia she's lost " I rolled my eyes . "Okay . Can you bring me back some Jelly Tots " He asked . "Maybe " I told him walking away . My friends know when I say maybe I mean yes .

Others would get confused with that .

I moved through the crowd of people until I saw Lidia at the gate just standing there . "You weren't even making an effort to come find us " I chuckled . " Sorry . I was really lazy " He pouted .

"Whatever come on we have to go to the concession to get some Jelly Tots " I told her . "Wait wait .. Jelly Tots .. as in . Jacks favorite candy " She asked in a shocked tone . "Uh yeah . They're for Jack " I responded in my 'Duh' voice .

" Buying the boys favorite candy .. With yah Princess money .. You 2 are dating aren't you ?" She snapped her fingers . I nodded making her squeal . "Oh my gosh I'm so happy for you .. When's the wedding Mrs. Gilinsky " She slapped my arm excitedly .

I just chuckled rolling my eyes . I bought his candy and me a blue Gatorade and began to walk back . "I still can't believe it . He's been your crush since forever . " She said . "I know . and it all is just happening so sudden like ..--" "What ? He's already gotten you in bed ?" Lidia smirked . I scoffed "You are disgusting " .

She just laughed "Its true . But I don't think I could do it . You're dating Jack the hottest freshman in college yet . But your living with the sexiest Prince Alive" I guessed she was referring to Zayn . Which got my mind back on the bet we made .

How for some reason I want him to win so he can just do me so dirty . This entire thought of him being in charge is driving me fucking insane . I don't know how much I can take anymore  .

" So Aaliyah . Losing I see " I heard the familiar voice that snapped me out of my thoughts . I then noticed Zayn standing there in a totally different outfit than earlier but the same color scheme . "We won't be losing for long .

" I let him know . Lidia just stood there frozen like she just saw a ghost . " Well . We'll just have to see won't we ? ." He smirked and began walking the same way with me and Lidia . "Did he just flirt with you ?" Lidia whispered in my ear . "That wasn't flirting . He just wants a challenge is all " I explained . Well let the games begin . 

Since the 4th quarter started they've been stepping up their A game . The 2 teams were now tied for the longest and at the 5 second mark Aaron ran up kicking the ball into the goal making the crowd scream .Looks like I won .

I looked over at Zayn who was kinda in shock . I really felt the need to ask if he was offended in any way .but I said nothing and continued to bask in my glory . Everyone was leaving and once Lidia went off with Niall to probably have sex in the showers I walked to the gate with Zayn and Jack .

"Babe you're so warm " Jack smiled kissing my head . "Yeah well . This sweatshirt is big" I chuckled making him laugh a little back . I looked over at Zayn who was biting his lip covering his privates . I knew what was happening .

I heard an annoying ringtone come from Jack . He took his phone out checking it . "Its my dad I gotta go . I'll see you tomorrow " He sighed . "Alright bye " I said . He took his 2 fingers lifting my head up higher kissing me . I heard Zayn chuckle in jealousy .

"She said bye " He said sternly . Jack just looked at him like he was crazy . "Well bye " Jack smiled walking away ."You're such a --" I was cut off by Zayn kissing me . Backing me up against the brick wall sucking on my lips sticking his tongue in and out of my mouth .

That's when I remembered . I'm in charge . I relased from his grip slamming him against the wall roughly . "Fuck Aali--" I put my finger to his lips .

" I'm in charge remember ? So there for you need to shut up . You don't want me to tease you because I can go all night " I smirked . He quickly nodded . I took his hand Guiding him to my car .

Zayns in for such a ride tonight . 

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