Prince Babe +16

This isn't just your ordinary Fairy Tale . Usually the Princess doesn't hate the Prince with every bone in her body but that's exactly how Princess Aaliyah and Prince Zayn's love hate relationship began . They claim to hate each other and let everyone know that exactly . But little did everyone know that they were craving each other . They wanted each other every moment of everyday and its hard to reduce that craving .. when you're under the same kingdom . ;)


10. Chapter 10


Ahh Jack You Beast!!♥

Aaliyah's P.O.V

I arrived at the empty football field Where I was supposed to meet Jack . I had to look around for a while until I finally found jack on the field kicking the ball around b himself . "Jack " I called out for him to answer . He looked up and I smile formed on his face . He stopped kicking the ball and walked over to me .

"You made it " He smiled . I smiled back "Yeah .. So uh what did you wanna tell--" He caught me off guard kissing me suddenly . My eyes were as big a golf balls as I felt his tongue make its was through my lips . But suddenly . I felt myself kiss back .

My eyes fell closed and I realized . I'm kissing him . It didn't feel as good as Zayn's kisses . His lips had to be more soft than pillows and how it doesn't take you long to get turned on by how the taste lingered .. Wait what ?! . I'm kissing Jack thinking of Zayn .. I don't know whyyyy . But I really need to stop .

He released my lips and began digging through his pockets . "I got something for you " Jack smiled . I nodded as he then pulled out a silver puzzle piece attached to a long chain . I gasped as he put in around my neck  . "Jack " I squealed like a little fan girl . "And I have the other piece" He said taking the gold chain out of his shirt .

He moved me closer to him putting out chains together which made a little heart in the middle. "Jack this is so sweet " I told him . He smiled . "Would it be sweet if I asked you to be my girlfriend right now " He looked me in my eyes .

In his eyes I could tell he was serious about me and him . But I don't know how I feel about every time I'm near him I'm thinking about Zayn all of the sudden . Its a new thing but its gonna get really annoying .

" .. Jack I --" " I won't take no for an answer . You are actually the first girl I'm serious about .. I want to make things official between me and you before someone else does . " He said taking both of my hands .

" O-Okay " I answered with a small smile . He smiled back kissing me . "So I was wondering if your gonna come to the game tonight . You're brother is playing so . " Jack asked . "Oh yeah I'll be here" I said . " Okay I'll see you then babe . I gotta go though . Bye " He kissed my cheek .

"Okay .. Bye " I waved as he ran off . Is it weird I was really thinking about Zayn when he called me babe .

I'm pretty sure these thoughts about Zayn will blow over soon I mean .. It was just one night in bed . Nothing serious . 


I got in the shower and stuff then getting ready for the football game tonight . All day all Zayn's has been doing is teasing me . Of course I forgot to tell him that Jack finally worked up the balls to ask me out and I'm on the highway of being Mrs. Gilinsky . But now that I think about it why does he have to know ? I'm pretty sure sleeping together was already a mistake why the fuck would we do it again ? . Of course in my kingdom anything could happen , go wrong , and get fucked up so quickly I really shouldn't Jinx myself . After slipping on my black toms completing my chill outfit for the twilight game I came out of my room walking down the steps while texting Lidia. Double task . 

You coming to the game to the game tonight - Aaliyah

Uh yah , Niall's playing you know I'll be there ! - Lidia

Yeah but what if he broke his foot and he was just sitting on the sidelines - Aaliyah 

Then it looks like he wouldn't be getting none tonight thats for sure - Lidia 

I chuckled at her text . Lidia and Niall have been having sex literally since the 9th grade I'm so surprised shes not even pregnant yet . Shes only had sex with Niall so I guess if she does get pregnant we'll know who's baby it is .

"Hey "I heard the angelic voice . I turned around to Zayn who was walking down the steps towards me . " Hey what's up ?" I said . "Nothing much . Where are you going tonight ?" He asked .

For the first time while talking to me He grabbed onto my Hips . Something told me he was horny by the way he asked . "I'm going to Aaron's football game tonight " I told him . He chuckled rolling his eyes . "Don't worry about your brothers game they're gonna lose anyway baby . Stay here with me " He bit his lips .

"For your information they won't lose .. You really need to let the pass go " I told him walking away from him . "Oh come on . You KNOW they suck " He said ."They don't . But what I do know is you can sure be a dick sometimes " I told him .

" Okay ... How much do you wanna bet .. They're gonna lose tonight "He folded his arms smirking . "How much do you got ?" I responded with another question . "I'll tell you what ..If they lose .. We're gonna have sex . but I'm in charge . " He smirked getting closer .

"And If they win ??" I leaned against the wall in such a bad girl pose "The other way around ... I'll let you do whatever you want .. Whatever you know . But you were a virgin just yesterday of course so I might wanna give you some pointers " He bit his lip . "I hate you so much " I told him .

"I hate you too .. See you after you lose tonight " He kissed my jaw line teasing me . He smirked walking back up the stairs . Annnd theres no way out of this bet . I can't do this while I'm in a relationship with Jack .

Well If I win I can always say I don't wanna do it .

I know me and Jack can go far . I don't wanna mess anything up now .  


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