Love From a Rose

A story about how the Doctor comes to terms with how much he actually loves and needs Rose, and the adventures they have together prove his emotions are reciprocated.


3. Ulkah


Chapter Three: Ulkah


Doctor you have to see this, it's...It's absolutely beautiful." Rose gasped, as she stepped fully out of the TARDIS onto the ground, it felt very soft, light and almost like sponge underneath her feet.

The TARDIS had materialized on the outskirts of what looked like a dense, threatening forest, they seemed to be on top of a steep, sloping hill, looking out over a small town that was illuminated with hundreds of tall streetlights that were omitting a strange yellow glow. The sky above the town was streaked with purple and dark blue clouds, which were gliding ever so slowly and silently out of view.

Rose could just make out the faint outlines of six hills in the distance, or were they mountains? It was hard to tell, she was sure the Doctor would explain everything. Even if she didn't particularly want him to.

Sometimes, when he was explaining things at what to her, felt like ninety miles per hour, she would just stand there and go "What?", he'd shoot her a look like she'd done something disgusting like dribbled down her shirt. That was just the way he was though, frequently babbling away to himself seemed to be a very prominent part of his character, and she didn't mind, most of the time anyway. Not that she had any clue what he was rambling about on most occasions.
Feeling a hand carefully slipping into hers, she squeezed it gratefully.

"We're on the planet Ulkah, in the year ooh.. 3450, maybe? Aw that's a terrific year." The Doctor stated, beaming down at her like he was expecting an applause. "What's with all the.. Weird flying glowy things?" Rose asked, pointing at what looked to her, like a very obscure firefly, its body was a pale pink colour and it was making a quiet humming noise. "Those, 'weird flying glowy things' Rose are called lumites, poor things only live for about a week, and don't really do much apart from, well, fly around looking for a mate." The Doctor replied, smiling sadly in the direction of the large collection of lumites that had accumulated near the entrance to the forest.

"They sound a bit like you," Rose teased, "that's what you do, fly around looking for someone to share the universe with, but you live for a bit more than a week, I suppose they're more like you in the sense that whoever they come across, they bring light into their life... Even if it's not intentional." She blushed when she realised what she'd said, but the Doctor stayed silent, a grin forming across his features he only leaned in and gave her a small nudge on the shoulder;
"Miss Tyler I can't believe you just compared me to a 'weird flying glowy thing'." Grinning he placed a small kiss on her forehead, obviously touched at what she had said, but being a high and mighty Time Lord he wasn't one for being soppy and romantic... Or was he... Well, maybe just for Rose, he thought.

"Follow me, you're gonna love this." He said, almost tripping up over a protruding tree stump he had failed to notice in his excitement. Rose couldn't help but smirk, he was acting like a little kid who had just invited his friend round to play with his new train set. She loved seeing him like this, eager to show her worlds and planets, to open up her eyes to the secrets of the universe. She couldn't imagine life without this, or indeed him. She didn't want to, it was too painful to think about.

The Doctor had already bounded off into the forest calling after her to hurry up, and she ran laughing close behind, although venturing into a dark, unknown wood in the middle of the night was probably not one of the Doctor's best ideas.

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