Love From a Rose

A story about how the Doctor comes to terms with how much he actually loves and needs Rose, and the adventures they have together prove his emotions are reciprocated.


4. Completely and Utterly Lost


Chapter Four: Completely and Utterly Lost


Rose and the Doctor had spent the past hour wandering around in the forest, the Doctor had pointed out nearly every plant they passed, and how it differed from the ones on earth, and if Rose was being honest with herself, it was getting very hard to try and stay looking interested.

Rose wanted to just grab him by the lapels and press her lips against his, amongst other things, but no. She knew he only regarded her as a best friend, every time she reminded herself of this, her stomach dropped she cursed under her breath, at herself mainly for being so foolish and falling so completely in love with this daft alien.

Rose had always daydreamed when she was stuck with a boring existence on earth that a handsome stranger would come into her life like a whirlwind, whisk her off her feet and make her feel alive again like in the films she used to watch.
Well, the Doctor wasn't exactly a 'handsome stranger', when they first met more like 'strange man with a cheerful smile and bigger than normal ears'. She loved him then and she loved him now, Rose was certain of this, even if she couldn't actually bring herself to actually tell him out loud.

Looking up suddenly, she realised the Doctor's babbling had stopped, and he was nowhere to be seen. Rose felt a swirling, sinking feeling in her stomach. Where was he?

Surely he wouldn't just... Leave her. I mean, yeah he'd wandered off before but it'd had always been in a place she was familiar with, or Rose had been with someone. Never alone like this.

Laughing nervously, she narrowed her eyes, squinting slightly to see if she could see anything. Desperately searching for any sign of life she took a step forward. Her mind's subconscious screamed at her, oh well done Rose he'd probably explained where he was going and you weren't listening, how very typical of you. Usually, she would call his name repeatedly and wait for an answer, but not now. There was something off about this place, she couldn't quite put her finger on it but she knew this really wasn't a safe place to be right now.

Slight panic kicked in as she chewed on her lip, swallowing hard, he could be in danger, waiting for her help. This wasn't like him, Rose knew he wouldn't just abandon her like this, it was just so... Undoctorish of him.

Picking up a gnarled branch that lay amongst all the fallen leaves by her feet, she took a deep breath, muttering "I'm coming to find you my Doctor." as she did so. It wasn't the best weapon but she figured that right know, she didn't have much of a choice, considering she had no idea what lay ahead. It could be anything from fire breathing dragons to little fluffy bunnies.

Rose walked along, convincing herself that he'd probably done something stupid and fallen down a hole in the ground or maybe he'd just simply got lost. The Doctor certainly wasn't very good at landing them where they actually wanted to be, not that it bothered Rose. Going anywhere with the Doctor was good enough for her.

"Let's hope the monsters that live here are afraid of humans and ugly looking twigs." She said out loud to her herself, twirling the branch in her hand. Hearing the sound of movement behind her she froze. Completely and utterly glued to the spot where she stood. "Honestly," she thought to herself, "this really isn't a good time to be a coward Rose."

"Who's there?" She cried, clenching the branch tighter in her hand, her knuckles turning white and the coarse bark bit into her skin. "Come on and show yourself!" She added, hoping her voice sounded a lot more confident than the was feeling.

A rustle just behind a tree in front of her confirmed that yes, there was someone... Something... There. What it was, Rose wasn't too keen on finding out. Not without the Doctor here anyway.

A shadowy figure emerged from just to the left of the tree, at first Rose, thought it was the Doctor her heart leaping in her aching chest. She knew almost immediately however there was something... Wrong about this figure, I mean it definitely looked like the Doctor, but the eyes were a menacing shade of scarlet and seemed to pierce Rose's very being when it stared over at her with a cold hard glare. "Where's the Doctor? What have you done with him? Because I swear, if you've hurt him in any way, you won't live long enough to be able to regret it mister." Rose hissed angrily, surprising herself at the manner of her words, not thinking she was capable.

The figure let out a deep shuddering guffaw of laughter, "Silence fool. Don't you think I have better things to do than listen to you go on about your precious 'Doctor', if, in your eyes I have taken the form of this said 'Doctor' then it means he has fallen into the hands of the sirens, but a puny human child like you won't be able to get him back, even if there was a way."

Rose stood there and gaped, almost throwing the branch she was holding onto the ground and stomping on it in frustration. This creature was mocking her and she wasn't going to take it lying down, no sir. If it had been her mother in her position, it would have been slapped until it could no longer see straight. "How do I get to these siren things?" Rose asked, folding her arms and glaring at her taunter.
"Keep going straight until you come to a clearing, there you'll find a small cottage inhabited by the sirens of Ulkah. Though I highly doubt you'll make it that far, human." The figure replied in a monotonous tone.

Rose watched in despair and fury as the creature seemed to disappear into thin air, waving its hand at her mockingly. She felt like crying, then she realised she was crying, tears of hopelessness and rage filled her eyes, Rose was going to find her Doctor and once she did, she would make him see how much she needed him, and how very much she loved him from the very depths of her fragile human soul.

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