Love From a Rose

A story about how the Doctor comes to terms with how much he actually loves and needs Rose, and the adventures they have together prove his emotions are reciprocated.


7. Close Comfort


Chapter Seven: Close Comfort


Rose had been looking after the Doctor for the past three days, and in her opinion his condition wasn't improving in the slightest. But, being the Doctor he would try and make excuses. Claiming he was feeling fine and perfectly healthy, ready to explore and discover what other secrets the universe held.

Not for a minute was Rose fooled by this, she knew he just hated being idle, always itching to go somewhere new.

It was just over five days later when the Doctor dragged himself from the warmth and cosiness of his bed and into the TARDIS kitchen, he felt drowsy and hungry but no longer sick.

"Hello sleepyhead" Rose chimed, hearing him enter the room, "How're you feeling?"

"Much better thank you Rose." The Doctor stood, momentarily puzzled. He could hear Rose's voice, but couldn't actually see her.
As if she had been intercepting his thought processes, Rose jumped up from a behind a cabinet, a cheerful smile crossing her features. "Jus' looking for some cereal. Can't remember for the life of me where I last put it." Rolling her eyes at her own forgetfulness she shimmied round the worktop, leaned in and planted a small kiss on the Doctor's forehead.

Throwing a banana at him, and reaching over to poke him lightly in the chest she nodded, "Eat." Rose said simply, "Or else." Winking at him mischievously and giggling she walked out of the kitchen, calling after her that he might want to take a shower and freshen up to help clear his head.

The Doctor stepped into the shower, running his hands through his hair slowly. Feeling the scalding water pour over him, his mind began to wander. What else could he think about but Rose Tyler, and how she was always there for him, no matter how arrogant or rude he was acting. Did Rose know how much she had helped, tended his wounds and made him feel whole again? The Doctor really hoped so.

The shower had been running for twenty minutes before Rose heard it stop and the bathroom door quietly creak open, then click shut. Settling down on the comfy sofa that was located in the library, Rose wanted some time alone. Being around the Doctor nearly all the time was quite exhausting as he never seemed to run out of energy, always constantly hopping around new planets, saving people, and with each minute she would fall more hopelessly in love with him.

A loud knock on the door roused her from her thoughts, Rose sunk further into the back of the sofa, a low groan emitting from her lips. How is it that he always knew where to find her?

Bounding into the room, Rose could make out in the dim lighting the pyjama clad Doctor giving her a wide grin.
"Did ya miss me?" The Doctor asked cheekily, giving her a nudge. Rose shifted, moving over to give him room. However, spacial awareness was definitely not the Doctor's strong point as he plonked himself down roughly next to her, Rose rolled her eyes, biting her lip to stop herself from sighing. "Looks like you're feeling yourself again then Doctor?" Rose asked, patting his arm gently.
"Yup! I'm feeling brilliant! However you miss Tyler, look tired."
"Mm fine."
"Rose what's up?"
"Told you I'm fine. Honestly. God Doctor why do you have to worry about me all the time."

The Doctor lifted his head to look her in the eyes, Rose almost winced at the hurt look he gave her. But she couldn't help feeling slightly annoyed. "Rose.. I-" He began, clearing his throat.
"Look, Doctor I don't want to hear it okay? You think because I'm human and more fragile than you that I can't look after myself. I've made it this far haven't I? Just.. Sometimes I feel like you're kinda suffocating me."

The Doctor turned away, his teeth clenched, when he looked back at her his eyes were cold and distant. "I can't lose you. I just can't. You've given me so much and I..." His voice trailed off. He was obviously struggling to find the right words.

"You just pluck humans from a normal life on earth, and show them things they wouldn't even dream of. And you expect them to be immediately okay with that, but as soon as something bad happens you get all protective and...weird." Rose was getting more angry with him by the second, sometimes he was just so absorbed in his own little world and needed bringing back to reality.

"Rose can't you understand? I've suffered so much loss, seen things you will never be able to fathom. Pain, anger and regret will never leave these two stupid hearts and when it all gets too much I need someone. Someone like you, to guide me back to sanity. But you have done so much more for me, you've made me feel alive, and just the mention of your name keeps me going every single day... Letting you into my hearts is one of the single most dangerous things I've ever done. But it's a risk I was willing to take if it meant I could be with you." By the end of the speech the Doctor had said everything that had been running through his mind in the shower. To Rose's surprise, she thought she could see tears brimming in his eyes, and suddenly understood what he had been saying.

Choking back her own tears, Rose leant forward pressing a chaste kiss to his jawline, "I love you." She mumbled into his neck, before she could even register what had come tumbling from her mouth she felt strong arms around her waist, pulling her to him.
At that moment the Doctor let his barriers down, letting the tears cascade down his cheeks, burying his head into Rose's shoulder he held her close to him. Taking immense comfort in the softness and warmth of her being so near.

"My Rose. My wonderful, fantastic, brilliant Rose."

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