Love From a Rose

A story about how the Doctor comes to terms with how much he actually loves and needs Rose, and the adventures they have together prove his emotions are reciprocated.


10. A Terrible Secret


Chapter Ten: A Terrible Secret


The Doctor moped around in the TARDIS for a while, reading several manual textbooks then deciding to just travel one week into the future to collect her. The fact that he hadn't even been able to apologize about his actions at breakfast made everything so much worse. On the plus side, Rose hadn't made him go and see her mother. Who was to put it quite frankly, terrifying. Being slapped by Jackie Tyler was definitely not something he wanted to have done more than once.

As the TARDIS eventually materialized, and the Doctor grabbed his coat he planned out in his head what he would say to Rose.

Stepping outside and closing the door carefully behind him, a line of worry crossed his forehead. He didn't remember seeing that large block of flats there when he had dropped Rose off... Had the TARDIS taken him to the wrong part of London? Or even worse, the wrong time?

The Doctor was stirred from his thoughts by the sound of two angry voices, one of whom he recognized as belonging to Rose. Turning the corner, and peeking round the side of the large block of flats he could see in plain view that yes, it was Rose. Well it wasn't his Rose. This one looked younger, and was wearing tight jeans and a top that displayed the Spice Girls in all their glory. The Doctor moved his attention to the man he had heard calling Rose some pretty horrific names, he looked a lot older than Rose did, clad in an over sized denim jacket and his hair was spiked up precariously, enough to rival the Doctors. Ruffling his own hair self consciously the Doctor listened intently to the nature of the argument.

"Jimmy you lied to me! Again! Look I've told you, I don't want to see you anymore." Rose screamed, fixing the man with an intense glare.

"I'm not letting you go Rose." Jimmy replied, in a monotone voice that made the Doctor's blood run cold.

"What d'you think I am? Some sort of toy that can be chucked around aimlessly? Enough already Jimmy, just leave me alone."

Jimmy laughed and stepped forward towards her, mumbling something the Doctor couldn't quite catch.

"Jimmy, stop it. Seriously. You're scaring me." Rose's eyes grew wider and her voice became more strained, no longer filled with anger but replaced by utter fear.

"Like I said before, I'm not letting you go." Was his reply, grabbing hold of her wrist and squeezing, he dug his nails into the soft flesh. Rose cried out in pain only to receive a hard slap across the face that sent her to her knees. She began gasping for air and failed at a feeble attempt to stand. Jimmy stood over her, an evil grin crossing his features.

The Doctor was frantic, and furious. God he couldn't do anything that would interfere with the timelines, but on the other hand this completely vile specimen of a human was hurting Rose, and that was something he was not going to stand for. No way. Just as Jimmy was about to bring his clenched fist into contact with Rose's shaking form the Doctor stepped out from where he stood. A look in his dark eyes that screamed 'do not mess'.

"I'd stop that if I were you." He said calmly, giving Jimmy one of his coldest stares.

Jimmy simply threw back his head and laughed, "Oh yeah? Wotcha gonna do if I don't?"

"Don't play games with me!" The Doctor snarled, spitting the words out like they were poisonous venom.

"She bloody deserved it, stupid cow!" Jimmy kicked Rose hard in the leg, stopping her trying yet another attempt to stand.

The Doctor had had enough of this... moron. And that was putting it in the most polite way he could. Walking over to the pair, he pushed Jimmy aside into one of the large rubbish bins, he landed with an 'oof' of pain, he had obviously underestimated the strength of this man.

Next the Doctor turned his attention to Rose, he had to stop himself from grabbing her and embracing her on the spot. Holding out his hand, and winching slightly as he saw the deep purple red bruise that had appeared on her cheek he smiled down at her warmly. Rose was staring behind him at the collection of rubbish bins. The Doctor sighed, "Oh what do you want this time?" Spinning round and catching Jimmy by surprise, who had just been about to ram his fist into the Doctor's stomach he hopped to one side, pulling Jimmy by the coat and tossed him into one of the bins. However he didn't close the lid, but it took all his strength not to. "Oh by the way," he said, addressing the bin that contained the rather disheveled Jimmy Stone, "Denim doesn't really work for you. Nah I suggest leather." With that remark he slammed the lid down forcefully, a wolfish grin playing on his lips.

Rose had managed to pull herself to her feet, and was staring with awe at the Doctor. "Tah." She mumbled, looking down at the rubbish laden tarmac.

"No problem." He beamed at her, again resisting the urge to run and grab her in a huge hug. "Has he... Er, hurt you before?" He asked tentatively, raising his left eyebrow. His whole face a picture of sympathy and kindness.

Rose decided instantly that she trusted him, "Yeah... It's been goin' on a while. That's why I wanted to leave 'im. Got bruises here there and everywhere." She laughed shakily, and exhaled loudly. "Shoulda left him ages ago but... I loved him y'know? I really did." A single tear made its way down her bruised face.

"I'm so sorry." The Doctor said in a whisper. "You should go home, get some rest and get that bruise looked at, might become infected. His hands were absolutely filthy, yuck."

Rose smiled sadly, "What are you then, some sorta Doctor?"

The Doctor smiled back, "Something like that... I'll be going then, er just take care of yourself okay?"

She nodded in reply, giggling softly at the sound of Jimmy trying to find the way out of the bin. Turning around she walked away, waving shyly in the Doctor's direction. He waved back.

The stroll back to the TARDIS took no time at all, determination to see his Rose safe and sound had seized him momentarily. The Doctor could understand why she had never mentioned this encounter to him before. She was probably afraid he would go all 'Oncoming Storm Rage' on her. Which in the Doctor's mind was a pretty close analysis to what he would've done... Apart from giving Jimmy Stone a piece of his mind. How dare anyone touch his Rose like that. It had been so hard not to just knock the living daylights out of him or throw him into the nearest black hole. But he had stayed extremely cautious of disrupting the timelines, maybe he shouldn't have even intervened at all. But it was done now.

As the TARDIS materialized and he stepped out, looking up to find the large block of flats no longer there he knew that this was the right time period. A small sigh made him look down, and he saw Rose curled up against a graffiti splattered wall, she was sleeping. His hearts almost stopped there and then, she had been waiting for him. Surely he wasn't late? Bending down and stroked her cheek gently, watching as her eyelids fluttered awake he thought just how precious Rose Tyler was. Not just to him, but to the whole universe.

"Doctor?" Rose questioned sleepily.

"Hello." He replied, keeping his voice hushed. "Come on, let's get you inside." But Rose didn't budge, she simply groaned and leaned closer to the Doctor. Tutting he wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up, she didn't protest.

Carrying her carefully through the TARDIS doors and sitting her down on the jump seat the Doctor shut the doors, trying to keep the noise to a minimum. He had always envied how peacefully and quickly humans could sleep, whilst his dreams where plagued with nightmares and flashbacks of the past.

Sensing Rose's discomfort at being plonked at an awkward angle on the chair he quickly scooped her back into his arms again, trying not to blush and keep control of his sense as he became aware of her hot soft breath against his neck. Letting out an awkward cough he walked down the corridor, thanking the TARDIS telepathically for not making a great deal of noise and keeping the lights dimmer than usual.

Once Rose was safely tucked up in bed, he drew up a plush chair beside the bedside table and grabbed a book from the vast collection he had in his room. The book was called "The guide to Wormhole Refractors and Vortex Manipulators For Dummies."
He had reasoned with himself to just go back to his own room several times, but each factor was pushed aside by the look on Rose's face as she had been hit by Jimmy Stone. That alone made the Doctor's fists clench and his eyes grow dark. He had to stay with her, just for tonight.

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