Love From a Rose

A story about how the Doctor comes to terms with how much he actually loves and needs Rose, and the adventures they have together prove his emotions are reciprocated.


5. A Lucy Escape


Chapter Five: A Lucky Escape


Rose had run the whole way to the quaint cottage that the figure had mentioned, almost collapsing several times out of sheer exhaustion, but it had been adrenaline that had kept her going this far. It had crossed her mind that it could be a deliberately laid trap, to ensnare her as well as the Doctor. But that was just a risk she'd have to take, it was what the Doctor would do.

Chewing on her bottom lip nervously she walked towards the house, her heart beating so fast she thought it would burst through her chest.

Sirens, in Rose's mind were those mermaid like creatures that sat on jagged rocks in the ocean. They enticed men with their singing, the sailors were cast under some sort of trance, that drew them closer to the singing and weren't released from it until it was too late and their ships crashed into the rocks, completely and utterly destroyed. But what were they doing here? And more importantly what did they want with the Doctor?

Taking a very shaky breath, Rose peered inside, looking through a very dusty window, it was hard to make out what was going on. Her eyes widened with horror and pity as she saw the Doctor bound to a chair his head lolling forward, the light all but gone from his brilliant hazel eyes.

One of the, what Rose supposed was a siren was walking around the room, pacing almost. Thankfully Rose could see she was not singing. The siren's hair was a blinding red colour, and swam around her head almost like a halo, she was taller than a normal human by a substantial amount so that swiftly struck off any ideas about single combat from Rose's mind.

"God how am I supposed to get you out of there Doctor?" Rose groaned out loud to herself, wiping a stray tear from her cheek. She hadn't realised that she'd been crying, it was just the sight of the Doctor, her Doctor looking that hopeless and so very defeated that almost broke her heart in two.

Shaking her head as if to dispel any unhelpful thoughts, she tore her eyes away from the window, crawling underneath it towards the door, Rose had nearly reached it when it swung open suddenly, and the siren stepped out. Rose froze, praying that she wouldn't be seen. Unfortunately for her the siren looked down and frowned, obviously confused.
"Sister, what are you doing down there?" She asked, a hint of amusement and malice arose in her voice.
"I was jus' looking for something, dropped it on my way here." Rose mumbled, and plastered an oh so very fake smile onto her face. Standing up, her cheeks blushing crimson she looked at the siren defiantly. Rose thanked all the gods she didn't believe in that she had been mistaken for one of them.

"What exactly are you wearing? Where are your robes Sister..." The siren began, staring back at her with disgust.
"Sister Cassandra." Rose answered quickly, not really sure why she'd said that was her name but it seemed fitting anyway.

"Go inside and get changed out of that... Thing. I shall be back in half an hour and then we shall get to work on Sir Doctor over there." The siren gestured over her shoulder, letting out a small malicious giggle she strode away, leaving a very relieved Rose behind her.

As soon as she was out of sight, Rose walked cautiously inside the cottage, it took a great deal of strength to stop herself from running over to the Doctor and gathering him up in her arms. He obviously hadn't seen her yet, head still laid on his chest, he was eerily quiet. "Doctor?" Rose squeaked quietly, trying to keep any trace of fear out of her voice.

At the sound of her voice, the Doctor's head snapped up in surprise, it was evident he had been crying from his red puffed up eyes and blotchy nose. But no, the Doctor... Crying? Surely not.

Rose walked over to him slowly, lines of concern rippling across her face, the Doctor tried to reach out to her, to hold her hand, hug her, touch her cheek... Anything. But he was bound too tightly, and winced slightly at the pain that shot through him as he tried to move. He still hadn't said anything, just sat there gazing at Rose. A spark of happiness and elation dancing around in his dark eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.

Bringing her hand to rest against his cheek, she stroked his sideburns softly, leaning into her touch he gently nuzzled into her hand.

"Rose." He whispered, pressing a kiss to her palm.

Reluctantly she drew her hand away, the Doctor let out a small moan of complaint at the loss of contact, but he tried to cover it up by clearing his throat. "Jus' a minute I'll have you untied in no time." Rose beamed down at him, pulling a penknife from the inside pocket of her jacket. The Doctor raised an eyebrow at her questioningly,"It's just for protection," Rose said, blushing pink, "Never know when it might come in handy y'know."

With one swift cut of rope, the Doctor was free, standing up he flexed his arms, and grabbed Rose into a tight embrace, she didn't quite know what she'd done to deserve this but she went along with it anyway, entangling her arms around his neck, and breathing in his scent, he smelt musky, of pine trees and just plain Doctor.

Whatever had happened to him, it had to have been extremely horrific for him to be in such a state. The Doctor pulled away and looked at her, placing his hands delicately on her cheeks, Rose's eyes fluttered closed, but soon opened again, wide and surprised when she felt cool lips against hers, it was a tentative kiss, but at the same time she understood he was trying to say thank you and other things that he just couldn't put into words. You should probably kiss back now you idiot, her conscience told her. So she did, and the Doctor made a happy sort of noise at the back of his throat in approval. He was the first to pull away, and Rose noticed his ears had gone a bright red colour, she smirked slightly, taking hold of his hand and squeezing it.

"We really should go now Doctor." Rose said, swinging their arms slightly.

"Right, yes Miss Tyler. Best idea I've heard all day. Well apart from mine about banana ice cream." He gave her his best cheesy grin, but it didn't quite look truthful. Before Rose could ask what was wrong he pulled her out of the cottage and back out into the dense forest.

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