Forever? Forever.

Alex was just a 16 year old girl who had a best friend named Jake, they bin friends for a very long time and Alex really liked him. But one night things started to change when she caught him in her bed with her sister. Was that the end for Alex and Jake? or would they work it out? you will just have to read and find out.


2. WAKE UP!!

Alex's POV

I had woken to the sound of the front door shutting, I though it was my mom leaving so I closed my eyes again and fell back asleep. What felt like a few seconds went by and I woke up again to the sounds of foot steps climbing the stair case, I rolled over away from my door and pretended to sleep, when my door squeaked as it opened, I immediately opened my eyes, I wasn't sure who it was.

I lay there paralyzed with thoughts of a killer or a kidnapper until the door shut again, I breathed out in relief, and closed my eyes again and fell back asleep


Jake's POV  

I walked in to her room and seen her sleeping, I wasn't sure what to do because her mom had left as I was coming up the drive way, should I wake her? I though to myself as I walked over to the bed and kneeled down beside it.

She looked so peace full, the way her long brown hair coved her face and how she breathed her hair would lift and fall, I could spend all day watching her sleep, I climbed in beside her and moved her hair out of her face, carful not to wake her.

Her lips were parted slightly, I got the over whelming urge to kiss her, I started to get closer to her and I was about to press my lips to hers when her eyes flittered open


Alex's POV

I opened my eyes to see Jake a few inches from my face.

His hair was all messy like it usually was, but something made it, I playfully pushed him backward and climbed out of bed, I turned to see him sitting on my bed, the way his hair fell on his face, the was his lips were parted just a little and the stupid smirk on his lips "What?" I said as I turned to get dressed "Nothing" he said were smiling "Ok" I said as I pulled my shirt off and slipped a  of mice&men band t-shirt on.

I turned around to see he was gone, I finished getting dressed and packed my beg, camping wasn't really my thing but he wanted to go, I threw on some skinny jeans and black vans and made my way down stairs.



Jake's POV

I watched as she came down the stairs, she looked really good. She dropped her bag in front of me "What do you want me to do with this?" I asked with a puzzled face "I want you to carry it for me" she giggled and ran out the door to my car, all I could smell was her blackberry body wash as she went by.

I picked her bag up and walked out the door to find Alex sitting on the grass with a very angry face "What happened?" I laughed "I fell" she said with pain in her voice "Are you hurt?" I asked concerned "No I don't think" she said 

I dropped her bag and walked over to her and held my hand out to her "Thanks" she said as I pulled her up, I must have pulled face because she bumped into my chest, im a lot taller then so when we hug her face is usually pressed to my chest "Come on lets go" I said well walking to the car.  














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