Forever? Forever.

Alex was just a 16 year old girl who had a best friend named Jake, they bin friends for a very long time and Alex really liked him. But one night things started to change when she caught him in her bed with her sister. Was that the end for Alex and Jake? or would they work it out? you will just have to read and find out.


1. How it started

Me and my mom moved here when her and my dad split, we moved here when I was 2 and im now 16.

After me and my mom settled in she invited some coworkers over and one brought her son Jake, after that my mom hung around with her a lot and she always brought her son over to play with me, one time when we were 5 we made a promise to be best friends forever, yes it seems like a long time but at age 5 nothing was impossible.

His mom moved next door to us so me and him could spend more time together, we hung out every day and had sleepovers at each others houses.  

As we got older we spent more time together.

We were best friend and nothing would change that, until I started to like him...a lot. I didn't wanna tell him, I was scared of ruining our friend ship, so I just ignoared the feelings, but one day in grade 6 when Abby had kissed him...I don't know I felt jealous and mad, I couldn't look at him for a few days, we still hung out and stuff, I just hid my feelings, I think he could tell something was wrong because he didn't talk to Abby anymore. I kind of felt bad for causing him to do that.  But we were still best friends. Forever.  

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