The year is 2053 and humans are still the most predominant species on the planet, but within the depts of the districts, fraught with unstable peace, is the Other kind.
Dealing with your black market trades and dirty bounty hunting duties, the Other human like beings hide from the continuously threatening Superiors who wish to crush any of the refugees. The Others are not of this world, they're alien. Yet, with the first glance looks of any other human, the Others have made home between the neighbouring humans, making a life after a terrible war.
Hope is no one special and never intends to be, but finds herself and her relatively safe life thrown into turmoil when she encounters Helix, an alien bounty hunter seeking revenge on humanity for him and the rest of his Other family.
Will Hope find the peace she seeks in the Other kind, or face the reality of her human existence?


1. Hope~

"I hate it." I grumbled helplessly, my voice gruff as I expressed my disgust. 

"C'mon Hope! It looks just like the High Superior's daughter, you two are like twins!" Sera, the friend accompanying me to the hellish shop on the corner of 5th Street, known as the barbers. I kicked my sneaker toe into the floor and spun round in the chair, the neatly cut hair followed, sticking to my face. 

"That's not a good thing, Sera." I commented, pushing the sweeping fringe out of my face, my fingers caught in a knot. Sera sighed beside me as I yanked my stubby fingers from the hair. 

"Don't say that Hope, the High's daughter is the most beautiful girl in our district, you'll get all the guys now!" She placed her hands on her hips and smiled brightly at me, her eyes creasing slightly. I let the air billow out of my lungs, in a long sigh. I threw my head back and groaned, causing attention to be brought to us in the shop. Sera slapped my arm discretely with a rolled magazine, which she then unrolled and flicked through mindlessly. Her chipped pink nails pretending to scan over the latest district news. 

"You're hopeless." I muttered, standing and throwing a note from my back pocket to the patient hairdresser, who grasped at the falling money. 

"Nope!" Sera chimed, her face dug into the magazine at her fingertips. "I have hope, I have you!" She winked and I rolled my eyes with a slight smile. I had set her up for that one. 

Year 2053, the humans are still the most predominant species around, though we've caused so many civil wars over the decades that we've come to live in mindless districts, ruled by Superiors. The towns are set in neat streets. They count from 1st Street to 12th Street, and then, the suburbs. These are mainly old wreckage's, decaying buildings, and restricted fields. No one gets far nowadays. 

I pulled up the hood of my jacket as I exited the shop, fearful of the looks I may receive from this new haircut. I always had the look of the High Superior's daughter, something my mother had inherited me. Oh if she could see me now. After my father died in the 18th civil war, my mother became hospitalized and later died too. So essentially, I'm a lone wolf living with Sera the Sheep and her family for the rest of my life. Perfect. 

The electronic thump of footsteps on cobble caused me to look up. A large sentinel guard trod by, his heavy metal feet clashed with the road beneath. All who know best, know to remain within their laws. If not, the sentinel take you to High Court, or simply, execute you on the streets. Of course it depends what the crime. Petty theft isn't really a crime no more, though I have read of times when it was. Even murder is not frowned upon as much as coinciding with the Others. The Others are another species, human like in appearance, they are few and far between. After the Great War between us humans and the Others, many have already died, or become public and then died. 

But they're still out there.

The sentinel passing me and Sera stopped short of our pace and turned with haste to me. The towering mass of metal grabbed my hood tightly and yanked it from my head, ripping the seems slightly and tugging on my newly cut hair. Gulping down my fear I stared wide eyes into the sentinel's face, allowing it to scan my eyes thoroughly. The monster released me and continued on patrol without another hush. My chest heaved and I reminded myself to reassure Sera. My hand rested on her shoulder and I felt her breathing calm. I smiled sadly at her and pushed her forward, itching to get away from the many pairs of eyes on our bodies.

That's the norm here. The Other kind are hard to distinguish in a thick crowd, but have certain characteristics for which you can identify them with. Most hide them indefinitely, others are less wise. Others have wide eyes, larger than a human's in sheer size and a tiny pupil. Thus the Other's eyes are mostly colour. Rogue Others tend to have crimson red eyes that pierce through your body upon a single shared glance. Another thing that all Others have, are long extended fingers. Their fingers merge with their nails giving them talon like claws on their hands. As far as we know, all Others are this way. Of course, there are few mutations amongst the shady group, but generally, they have these same features. I sighed and pushed Sera into the 4th house of 10th Street, her ,and now my, home. 

"Mom! Dad?" The curvy girl I called my friend shouted into the darkly lit house. "No one home, as usual." Sera breathed and began shuffling towards the kitchen, dragging her fingers along the walls. Sera's family worked throughout the districts, they were renowned doctors. A married moving practice. I shrugged off the jacket and hung it over the stair banister. I say Sera's my best friend, but really she's my only friend. I swayed along the hall and found her busying away in the kitchen alike my mother used to. Sera took charge in this pair. Rushing up behind the humming girl, I wrapped my arms over her shoulders in an abrupt hug. She fumbled but then returned, as was routine.

"Let's stay alive, alright?" I chimed, more cheerily than most my phrases.I felt her usual nod in my arms.

"Alright." She returned. This was our promise, to at least stay alive.

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