Because of You

Aria Woods, an 18 year old in college, always is on task, has good grades, and has the best boyfriend. Her life is going the right direction until someone comes along and knocks her off track.


6. Chapter 5

"You should really start reading this trilogy," Connor holds up his 'Insurgent' book. "It's really good." I nod and start to straighten my hair. My naturally straight hair is bent this way and that from sleeping with wet hair last night. I woke up this morning feeling tired and having bags under my eyes. I attempted to reduce both those things by applying concealer and asking Connor to buy me a cup of coffee on his way over. 

"Is something wrong?" Connor gets up and puts his hands on my shoulders. The whole time he was here, I barely talked to him. 

"Nothing, I just have a lot of things on my mind." I say. I don't plan on telling him what had happened last night. Not yet at least.

"You just seem...tense." Connor frowns.

"I'm fine." I'm not fine. I'm still trying to find a reason for Harry's actions last night. He torments me and he definitely doesn't like me in any way so would didn't he just laugh at me?

Connor sighs. "Okay." is all he replies. I'm glad that he doesn't ask me any further. If he does, I might just slip up. I don't want Connor to know because I know he's going to make my mother change my dorm room. I like Alisa, she's my first friend on campus and I don't want to ruin that by my mother changing my dorm room. 

Today I get to meet Connor's roommate. When we reach Connor's dorm room, Matthew opens the door for us. I smile and shake his hand. 

"Nice to meet you," Matthew says politely. "Connor has told me so much about you."

"It's nice to meet you too." I keep smiling. We sit down on some chairs that are in the room. Matthew tells me about him, his hobbies, and why he's in this university. Connor was right, him and Matthew are really like each other. They're both majoring in medicine, love books, and like to play lacrosse. They even dress alike! Sweater vest with khakis. 


"It was nice meeting your roommate," I say after we've left the dorm room. "He's very nice."

"Yeah, he's going to be in almost every class as I am." Connor leads me to my dorm.

"That's great!" I smile.

"Matthew invited me to play lacrosse with him and his friends later. I have to go and practice with him right now." Connor say. "I'll be back tonight."

"That's fine. Just call me when you're done. I planned on shopping anyways." I unlock the door to my dorm room and set my purse on the bed. Connor nods and kisses me on the cheek before leaving. I sigh and sit on my bed. How am I going to get to the mall without a car? After looking at a map of where the mall is, I eliminate walking as one of my options. Alisa plops down on her bed with her phone in hand.

"What are you looking at?" she asks, sitting up.

"I'm just trying to find a way to get to the mall." I sigh and put the map down. I could alway just take the bus.


"Do you know what time the bus arrives?" 

"You're taking the bus?" Alisa raises a pierced eyebrow. 

"What's wrong with the bus?"

"I'm taking you." Alisa grabs her keys off of the nightstand and takes my arm. 

"Alisa, it's fine. You don't need to."

"Trust me, the bus is no place for you." she laughs.

"Thank you." I sigh in defeat. 

"Plus, I think you need some fashion advice." Alisa eyes my skirt that goes past my knees and my dress shirt. I frown and look down. I follow Alisa to her car and she drives to the mall. 


"How about these?" Alisa holds up a pair of tight, black, skinny pants. I shake my head in disapproval and she hangs them back on the rack. So far, I have not bought anything. Alisa walks over to a display of skinny jeans. "You can't say no to skinny jeans." She picks up three pairs, all different shades of blue. My mother never approved of tight clothing so I never wore skinny jeans before.

"Fine." I take the pants and try them on in the dressing room. They fit perfectly and I can't lie, they're really comfortable. They're a little revealing of my back side but I decide to buy them anyway. I even pick out a few more. Alisa says that she would meet me back at her car after an hour. I nod and we go out separate ways. I step out of my comfort zone and buy clothing that I don't usually wear. New school, new start. I end up buying some things from Aeropostal which I never to go.

I check my phone and see that almost an hour had past. I quickly pay for my items and head towards Alisa's car. When I find the car, Alisa is in it, applying lip gloss over and over again. 

"Sorry to keep you waiting." I set my bags in the backseat. 

"Oh, no. It's fine. Isn't this lip gloss amazing?" Alisa puckers up her lips and starts to drive out of the parking lot. It's super shiny but it's a nice shade for her.

"It looks nice." I smile.

"Is it okay if we go out for an early dinner? Liam texted me a bit ago."

I hesitate before answering. "Sure." I finally say. If Liam is there, will Harry too?

"Great! It's a really good place. They have the best homemade french fries." 

I nod and silently pray that Harry isn't there.

(Hey! Sorry if this update is a little late tonight. I know that different people live in different time zones and it's a little late for me right now. :) -Betty)

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