Because of You

Aria Woods, an 18 year old in college, always is on task, has good grades, and has the best boyfriend. Her life is going the right direction until someone comes along and knocks her off track.


3. Chapter 2

"Mrs. Woods, you're here," Connor says politely after opening the door. My mother immediately notices Harry and Alisa on the opposite side of the room. 

"We'll just leave you guys here," Alisa grabs hold of Harry's arm and drags him towards the door. He gives an eye roll and jerks his arm from Alisa's grasp. To my surprise, he actually leaves. Once the door clicks shut, my mother starts to speak.

"You're switching dorm rooms now!" she yells. I'm afraid that Alisa might even hear her.

"Mother, please," I sigh. "it's my first day."

"I will not allow you to be around these people!"

"Alisa seems like a very nice girl! Let's just see how it goes." I offer. 

"Not a chance. We're going to request to change your dorm room now." my mother turns around to leave but I stop her.

"Please, mother. If anything goes wrong, I'll change dorm rooms."

After a little bit of hesitation, "Fine." I'm shocked to see that she agreed. "You're father is waiting for me outside." and she exits the dorm room without a goodbye. 

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" Connor tries to lighted the mood.

"Connor, you have to promise me you won't call my mother about everything." I'm quite upset that he did that. "I'm an adult now. I will handle my own problems."

"I'm sorry, Aria. I won't call your mother for something like this again." He gives me a hug and I'm thankful to have him with me. If I was here alone with my mother, who knows what would happen. I stare into Connor's blue, green eyes. 

"I love you." I smile. 

"I love you too." and he kisses me. Connor has been with me since the beginning. Our families are close so naturally, Connor and I are close. We played with each other when we were young and became a couple in 8th grade. Ever since then, he's been with me.

"Did you meet your new roommate yet?" I ask, sitting on the bed.

"Yes, he's actually a lot like me," Connor smiles. "his name is Matthew."

"I would love to meet him sometime."

"He wants to meet you as well. Matthew actually has almost all of the same classes as I do. Plus, he's majoring in medicine, just like me."

"That's good that you have somebody relative to you. He can keep you company when I'm not around." I giggle.

"We have to find you a literature major for you to hang out with," Connor says playfully. "then she can keep you company while I'm not around." I smile and lay my head on his chest. This is the first time in a long time that I've been alone with Connor.

"I've missed this." I sigh.

"Missed what?"

"Us. Together. Alone." I lift my head to connect his lips to mine. Connor and I never went any further than making out. We don't even make out often. It's always a kiss on the cheek or lips. Of course, I don't want to move onto sex until I'm married.

"How about we go walk around the school? You know, get to know the place a little?" Connor offers. I nod even though I want to spend more time with Connor alone. 

Throughout the time Connor and I had walked through the halls of the large University, we haven't bumped into Harry or any of his other friends. Connor and I walk around outside by one of the large gardens. It's a beautiful scenery and I make a mental note to come back here to work on homework. The flowers create an alluring scent in the air that calms the nerves. I feel safe. I feel free. 

(Hey! Did you like this chapter? I hope you did! :) Thanks for reading as always! -Betty)

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