Because of You

Aria Woods, an 18 year old in college, always is on task, has good grades, and has the best boyfriend. Her life is going the right direction until someone comes along and knocks her off track.


16. Chapter 15

I catch Harry off guard and he takes a sharp intake of breath. As he opens his mouth and kisses me, really kisses me, I can taste that hint of mint that I've come so close to tasting before. Harry's tongue moves in sync with mine and his hands move to my hips. I move to straddle him without breaking the kiss and my hands move to his hair, tugging ever so gently.

A small moan escapes Harry's lips. "Aria," he breaths as his lips connect with my neck. He leans back slowly, never breaking contact, until we're completely laid down. I've never felt this way before. It's like my veins are laced with electricity. Every move feels better and better. Harry grabs a hold of my hair and keeps my head positioned just above his. I moan as he lightly sucks on the skin below my ear. My mind is telling me to stop but it feels too good to. With a swift move, Harry manages to take my tank top off. His lips are on mine once again, his tongue gliding on mine. I would be embarrassed to just be in my bra in front of Harry if I wasn't intoxicated, more from Harry than the alcohol. Nobody has ever made me feel this way, not even ConnorConnorConnor!

"Harry... stop." I don't recognize my voice. It doesn't sound like I want him to stop. Harry's softly sucking on my neck and it makes me moan once more. "Harry... we can't." Harry's mouth loses contact with my neck and he looks into my eyes. Harry's lips are a darker shade of pink and they're swollen from kissing me. I try to keep myself from kissing him again but I know I can't.

The Harry that was here two seconds ago disappears as he gets up, knocking me onto the other side of the bed. I quickly put my shirt back on when he goes to his drawer to put on a plain, black t-shirt. "I'm sorry." I instinctively say. I'm not sure what else to say and the silence is deafening.

"Sorry for what?" Harry digs around his drawers, looking for pants I assume. He turns around and picks up the black skinny jeans that were lying on the floor. I look down at his boxers to see that they are noticeably tighter in the front than before. I feel my cheeks getting hot and look away.

"For... stopping. Or for kissing you. I shouldn't of done that." I don't look in his direction while talking to him.

"People do it all the time, it's just a kiss." Harry says in a monotone voice. I'm not sure why but it hurt a little when he said that. Why do I care? It was the alcohol that made me kiss him, not me. It was just his change of heart that made me feel that way.

"But this is the second time." I say. Was it really the alcohol? It had to be.

"It was still just a kiss. Now stop talking about it." Harry says harshly.

"I still don't understand why you're one person one second and then the other you're completely different."

"I was always the same person. Look, you practically forced me into kissing you."

Well that was Harsh. Forced him into kissing me? "You could of stopped me." I glare at him.

"If I could've, I would've." Harry rolls his eyes. I feel the sting in my eyes but I blink the soon to come tears away. I take a deep breath and make my way towards the door. "You can stay here tonight since you don't have anywhere else to go..." His voice trails out.

"No thanks." He'll probably torment me all night, that's if he decides to stay. I make my way to the stairs and I hear Harry call for me. I ignore him and go outside. The music is still blasting, louder than ever. I feel so bad for this neighborhood. How can anyone sleep here? I lean against the side of the house and check my phone. Four missed calls from Connor and seven from my mother. The one night I'm at a party, Connor calls me. And of course he had to bring my mother into this. I sigh and think about what I'll tell Connor and my mother tomorrow, or should I say later today. It's 4:30 A.M. and in and hour, I would be getting up and studying along with finishing extra credit essays. I put my phone onto navigation and enter my dorm building address. A longer walk than I expected but better than staying here any longer.

(Hey! Short chapter again, I know. But it's getting a little late and it's tiring looking at a computer screen for so many hours! Maybe I'll upload again tomorrow but it all depend if I get to use this computer :/ I hope you liked this chapter though! -Betty)

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