Because of You

Aria Woods, an 18 year old in college, always is on task, has good grades, and has the best boyfriend. Her life is going the right direction until someone comes along and knocks her off track.


12. Chapter 11

My alarm goes off at exactly 6:30 A.M. I get up quickly to start getting ready for the day. My classes start at 8 A.M. so I'll have plenty of time to get situated. Alisa isn't in the dorm room, just like she said she wouldn't.

I head into the public showers. I've never really thought about how less of privacy you have in these. I've never taken a shower in public places so I've only experienced this once. I shake the thoughts swarming in my head and take a quick shower so I can get out of this place.

After I've successfully blow dried my hair and pulled it up into a ponytail, I moved on to the simple everyday makeup I wear. I choose not to use Alisa's eyeliner even though I desperately want to. I've grown to like the little, black line settling on my lash line.

I check my watch to see that it's already 7:30. I quickly grab my books and bag and leave the dorm room. I frantically look for my first class. Thankfully, it's closer than I thought it was. I take the seat right in the front. During middle and high school, I would always pick the front seat because I feel as if I see the teacher more, I'll understand him more. Plus, it's a great way to get the teacher's attention.

"Hey!" Liam smiles, sitting next to me. I didn't notice him walking in.

"Hi." I nervously say. What Harry had said about him still lingers in my mind.

"So you're a literature major?"

"Yes, I am." I give a small smile. There's no way what Harry said about Liam was true.

"Shouldn't your boyfriend be here paying you company? I came in here and saw you all alone."

"He doesn't take literature. He's a medicine major."

Before Liam can speak, the professor starts class. "Hello everyone! Freshman, I hope you're excited for your first day of college!" I hear a couple groans coming from around the room. "I'm Professor Collins."

The door opens and a sea green eyed, curly haired boy walks in with a single, white binder in is hand. 

"Mr. Styles, late as usual I see." Professor Collins crosses his arms. "But since it's the first day, I'll let it slide but keep it up and I won't."

Harry rolls his eyes and takes the seat directly behind me. The rest of class goes smoothly. I'm thankful that their are no interruptions from Harry and Liam doesn't talk to me any longer. The bell rings and I get up to talk to the professor. 

"Hello, I'm Aria Woods." I smile and shake Professor Collins' hand. 

"Nice to meet you." Professor Collins' smile is wide and cheery. He seems to be a very nice man, maybe in his 40s. "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if I could get a head start on the assignments? I like to be ready." Back in high school, I would always get the following week's homework done. Usually I would get more than one week's done. Sometimes, it could add up to a month.

"All of the assignments will be on the school website."

I thank him and head to my second class. I bump into someone while looking at the map in my hands. 

"I'm sorry." I look up and see Harry's bright eyes staring down at me. He doesn't say anything but he keeps staring. I finally bring my eyes back down to break the awkwardness between up. "Thank you." I say quickly.

"Why are you thanking me?" Harry raises an eyebrow.

"I never got to thank you for helping me yesterday." 

"Don't ever bring that up again." Harry warns me. "That fucker should be in prison."

"Okay, I won't." I sigh. "But I'm serious, thank you."

"Yeah, whatever." and Harry turns to leave. 

(Hey! Sorry I didn't update yesterday. I got caught up watching Pretty Little Liars! Does anybody else watch Pretty Little Liars? If so, did you like the new episode yesterday! I've been waiting so long for it! Anyways, sorry again for not updating yesterday! -Betty)

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