Because of You

Aria Woods, an 18 year old in college, always is on task, has good grades, and has the best boyfriend. Her life is going the right direction until someone comes along and knocks her off track.


11. Chapter 10

I gasp as I see bright red blood coming out of the man's nose. He quickly brings his hands up to cover his nose.

"What the fuck!" the man yells. The blood runs down his hands.

"Get out of here." Harry steps towards the man, threatening him without saying anything.

The man doesn't look at me again before running the direction he came from. I sigh in relief.

"Get in the car." Harry demands. I don't argue with him because I honestly don't want to be alone anymore. Harry gets in the car without a word. Anger is plastered on his face as he drives me back to the dorms. I don't look at Harry the whole time because I'm afraid of what he will say. He's obviously at his boiling point right now and things are bound to come flying out of his mouth. 

We get to the dorms and Harry walks me up to mine and Alisa's. Once I open the door, Alisa's eyes are on me. They dart between me and Harry before settling on me.

"Is their something I'm not getting?" Alisa puts down the slice of pizza in her hands.

"What?" I furrow my eyebrows and look back at Harry then back at Alisa. She moves her hands towards Harry and I. I widen my eyes. "No!"

"Then why is he here?" Alisa picks her slice of pizza back up again and takes a big bite.

"A fucking rapist was chasing her." Harry answers for me. He's definitely not calming down. 

"What? Are you okay?!" Alisa rushes to her feet.

"I'm fine." I sigh. "Just lost my Starbucks. That's all."

"We need to call the police!" Alisa grabs her phone to call.

"I handled it." Harry sits at the edge of Alisa's bed, running his fingers through his hair. His knuckles are red and stained with a little bit of blood.

"I think you should wash that off." I point to his knuckles. He looks me straight in the eye and leaves without another word.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Alisa pats my back. I'll admit, I'm still a bit shaken from what had happened.

"Connor can't find out." If he does, he'll call my mother and she'll have me moved into a different dorm room. Even though Harry saved me, my mother would still disapprove of him being by me.

"This doesn't need to be a secret."

"I don't want to talk about it anymore." I sigh and lay on my back. I can't think straight. I check my phone and see that I still have no texts or calls from Connor. I decide to text him but after 30 minutes of waiting for a reply, I got none.


"There's another party tonight." Alisa smiles.

"We have classes tomorrow." I say. 

"The frat house have parties all weekend. Sometimes during the week but that's only for special occasions."

"Don't make me go, please."

"Fine." Alisa grabs her purse and leaves with a goodbye. I change and wash up for the night. I make sure that my alarm is set for tomorrow morning and I fall asleep anxious for the next day.

(Hey! I know this chapter is a little crappy. I needed a chapter to fill in yesterday's chapter and tomorrow's chapter. And I know it's pretty short! -Betty)

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