Sydenham 'ships'

'Shipping' in Sydenham...


3. Stelly

Iz da bestest 'ship' eva 'coz liek itz basiclly real, 'coz they r 3gether all d tiem, and umm basically Hannahah rejecting Ciaraz frendship, 'coz she wnted 3 fuck Stellar.

Who is it about?

Iz aboooout Stellar 'nd Hannahah.


What are it's origins?

CIara waz tryin' 3 piss Hannahah off 'nd it workedd, 'nd KKKiara mayed lotz of edeets butt Hannahah delteed theem.


Why do we ship it?

3 piss off Hannahah 'nd Stellar.



At umm umm at swing band Hannahah used Stellar'z clarinet. Iz haz saliva. Ther4 thy basically toungedddd. 

The end

(This chaptar courtesy of KKKiara)


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