Sydenham 'ships'

'Shipping' in Sydenham...


2. Corla5eva

So Corla is one of thee most important 'ships' ever! If you don't ship it y'all go straight to hell darling. 

Who is it about?

It is the ship of the Great Fagit Ciara and Gigantic Orla. 

What are it's origins?

So basically yeah one night at Fronkies birthday party (LAWL yeah) Ciara got fucked as shit on a bottle of Pastis (alcohol) and it just happened.

Why do we 'ship' it?

Because Orla is an fagit and hates it. So LAWL iz funny yeah.



KKKiara 'nd Orlar was liek 3gether 5eva. Lawl. 

The end. (I aint doooin' ono sex scenes liek LAWL nope)


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