Love at First Sight

They were normal girls, that's all they were. But, what happens to Lauren, Bethany, Nicole and Sarah, when they are taken backstage at a One Direction concert?
Follow them on their journey through life, with One Direction.


6. Chapter 5.

**Lauren's P.O.V.**

"That'll be £14.50, please." the girl behind the counter asked, with her high-pitched, girly, voice. She had bleached blonde hair and had about an inch thick layer of make-up on her face. She was wearing a black mini-skirt that was way too small and a tight black t-shirt that her boobs were half hanging out of. I handed her my money and she gave me a fake smile, which I returned when she gave me my change.

I turned on my heel, hands full with popcorn, sweets, drinks and more sweets. We were shown to our seats by the staff and we sat down. On my left was Nicole, on my right was Bethany and sarah was on Nicoles left. Suddenly, everything went black, and all that could be heard, was the fans screaming their lungs out, and, of course, I was screaming too. One Direction popped up on stage and started singing Alive.

"My mother told me I should go and get some therapy,

I asked the doctor can you find out what is wrong with me,

I don't know why I want to be with every girl I see,

I can't controll it, yeah, I know it's taking over me" 

 I sang every word to every song as if they were my own.


It was right in the middle of the Twitter questions when i saw Bethany's name pop up on the screen! "@Bethany_Pat25 says, 'Say: 'How many styles can Harry Styles style if Harry Styles could style hair?' as fast as you can :) x'." I watched as they tried to spot her as she was frantically jumping up and down, to get their attention, "Ah! There she is! Right up the very front!" Harry said into the microphone, "Thank's Bethany!" I squealed and looked over at Bethany's shocked face.

"Ok then! That was the last of the Twitter questions, and tonight were going to be doing things a... little bit differently..." Niall said into his microphone, whispering the last part. I looked up at him and he was staring at me! He averted his eyes and turned to whisper something to Liam and Liam looked at me and nodded at Niall, as if he was agreeing to something. My heart nearly bounced out of my chest!

"Yes! that is correct Niall!" Zayn laughed while looking at Niall.

But little did I know, that the next couple of words that came out of his mouth, would change my life , forever.

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