Love at First Sight

They were normal girls, that's all they were. But, what happens to Lauren, Bethany, Nicole and Sarah, when they are taken backstage at a One Direction concert?
Follow them on their journey through life, with One Direction.


5. Chapter 4.

**Lauren's P.O.V.**

I woke up to find that Bethany, Nicole and Sarah were still asleep, and then remembered that today was the day! We were going to see One Direction in concert, with front row tickets! Of course, I've seen them before, but that was like three years ago, so I can't really remember it very well.

After the girls had woken up, we all got dressed and ready for the day. I threw on a white spaghetti strap top and a blue and white checkered shirt over the top of it, unbuttoned, with my denim jeans and brown, heeled boots.


Before I knew it, it was six o'clock and i had to get ready for the concert starting at half past seven. I let Bethany, Nicole and Sarah have a shower if they needed one, and then I got in. I pulled out my 'Eat, Instagram, Sleep, Repeat' crop-top from my drawers along with my high waisted denim shorts. I wore my brown, heeled boots, just to make me a bit taller, as I'm only about 5'1" to make me about 5'3". I put on some foundation, mascara, and eyeliner. Bethany was wearing a cute brown cropped jumper with a little owl on the front of it, with a pair of black shorts. Nicole was wearing a pretty black floral spaghetti strap top and some cute brown shorts. And, last but not least, Sarah was wearing a yellow crop-top with a black crown on the front of it and a pair of bleached short shorts.

By the time we were finished, it was around seven o'clock, so we hopped into my BMW convertible and started the engine. Midnight Memories came on the radio and we sang our hearts out until we reached the Odyssey Arena, where the concert will be held.

"I'm like really excited now!" Bethany cheered as we stepped out of my car. I pulled our front row tickets out of my purse and locked my car.i turned around and looked at all of the people entering the arens, some girls, some boys, some crying, some squealing, and some of them looked like they were about to die from hyperventilating.

"Are we ready?" I squealed. I felt like my insides were about to explode out of my body, just at the thought of One Direction, never mind front row seats! They all nodded enthiusiastically and we started to speed walk towards the building.

I handed my ticket to the security guard. He scanned the tickey under a machine thingy, he ripped a piece off and mumbled something like, "Enjoy the concert...". I stepped through the gate and watched as my three friends did the same thing.


 I hope you've been enjoying my movella so far,  and I cant wait for you to see what happens next :)

- Lauren :* xo

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