Love at First Sight

They were normal girls, that's all they were. But, what happens to Lauren, Bethany, Nicole and Sarah, when they are taken backstage at a One Direction concert?
Follow them on their journey through life, with One Direction.


3. Chapter 2.

I hugged my mum so tight that I nearly strangled her, "Oh! and you can bring three friends too!" I gasped, and squeezed her even tighter, if thats even possible! She got me front row tickets to see One Direction in concert, and I'm able to go with my friends, could this day get any better?  I opened my front door and walked through, making sure to lock it afterwards. I hopped into my silver BMW convertible and plugged my ipod in, blasting One Direction the whole way to school.


"You got front row tickets..." my best friend Bethany whispered, as she let the amazing news sink in. I watched her expression change from shocked to extremely excited as she started to throw questions at me, "How many tickets did you get? When is it? When did you find out?"

"Well," I started, "I have four tickets, it's on 25th of May and I only found out this morning!" I hugged her and could feel her heart beating furiously inside her chest.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" she squealed, "We're going to see One Direction in concert! Wait, who are the other two tickets for?"

"Nicole and Sarah!" I just about managed to squeak out through her bone-crushing hug.

Bethany let go of me and yelled, "We have to go tell them, like, right now!"


"I don't get why your so excited! They're only a band." Sarah stated camly, while Nicole looked like she was about to burst with happiness. Bethany looked at Sarah with confusion.

"But you should be excited! Do you know how many girls out there would kill to be in your position right now?" Bethany shrieked from beside me. Sarah nodded her head in agreement. we were sitting outside beside the fishpond as it was breaktime. I scanned the faces of my three good friends and they all looked like they were about to explode with excitement, well two of them anyway!


Hey guys! I hope your enjoying my movella so far, and arent getting bored too soon! Please tell me if you are getting bored with it and I can try to spice it up a little :)

 - Lauren xo

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