Jackie Rodgers

Jackie's life has never been normal. With her mother becoming distant and her father dead, she needs to get away from it all. One day she meets the mysterious figures of Jack and Ben. There's something different about them. In this story of many genres, what will happen to Jackie?


1. Proxy

As I walk through the woods behind my house,I hear the leaves rustling around me. I walk slowly through

the forest trying to be quiet. Suddenly, A tall hooded man with a startlingly blue mask jumps out of the bushes and trips

in front of me, clutching a.. Dorito bag?! What the hell? Suddenly, A tall, lanky figure in a.. Link costume.. With

blonde hair comes sprinting out of the same trees the masked dude had come out of, screaming,"DAMN JACK STOLE MY DORITOS!"

I did a double take.. His eyes.. Were red and black. Glowing. Those weren't contacts. Suddenly, I felt a hand clamped over

my mouth.It was the masked figure.. What the hell?! I tried to scream, to bite the hand.. But it was clamped over my mouth

too tightly. The blonde boy.. stopped dead in his tracks. "Dammit Jack," He glared at the masked figure. My eyes were

undoubtedly filled with fright. He turned his attention to me. "Hey, hot stuff, what're you doing tonight?"

The masked figure, Jack, as the blonde boy had called him, took his hand off my mouth so I could talk. I roll my eyes

and say,"Just taking a walk through the forest." "Can't we just kill her? She's already seen us,"Jack said with a

impatient look at me. "We can't kill her," Says the blonde boy, Looking at me with his glowing eyes."So, What's your name,

hot stuff?"He asks, winking,"Jackie, Jackie Rodgers," I say.The blonde one raises an eyebrow at Jack and says,"I'm Ben and that's

Jack if you haven't figured that out yet.""Let's take her back to Slender Mansion, Since you won't let me kill her. But,

you know the others will do worse than kill her," Jack says looking at Ben."I know that Jack," Ben says rolling his eyes.

I am just walking to a death sentance. Jack grabs some vines and ties my hands so I can't get away. After that Ben goes

ahead but not with out grabbing his Doritos bag from Jack.

Once we get through the forest, I spot a huge mansion that looks a little creepy. That's when it hit me. Looking

at Ben, I realized who they were. The glowing eyes, The blue mask that Jack wears. They were part of the creepy pastas.

Their real names were Eyeless Jack and Ben Drowned. With that I try to break free, I untie the bonds on my arms (survival

technique my dad taught me)and I start running. I hear Jack and Ben behind me with Ben yelling,"HOW THE HELL DID SHE DO THAT?!"

Suddenly, I get pushed to the ground,knocking the air out of me. I feel a hand on my sholder and it jerks me up. I spin around to come face to face with Jack.

"Why the hell did you do that?!"Jack asks as he presses a knife on my neck. "I know who you are.."I say looking at him with

no doubt there was fear in my eyes.

Two minutes later, Ben comes running, breathing hevely. "Man, She runs really fast for a girl,"Says Ben clutching

the Doritos bag. "Really Ben? You are really slow, I think it's all the junk food you eat,"Say Jack rolling his eyes.

"Well SORRY!" Says Ben bewildered. This time Jack keeps the knife in his hand and his other hand wrapped around my wrists.

At one point Jack tells Ben to take me over to the side to rest and he guides me over there. Jack walks into the forest

and sits on a rock with his back towards us. "What's up with him?"I ask Ben tapping him on the shoulder. "Oh, He just

needs...something to eat."Ben says with a weird face. "WELL JACK YOUR NOT GETTING MY KIDNEY, SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU!"

I yell over to Jack. He turns his head slightly towards us but doesn't say a word.

After about 5 minutes, we reach the mansion. Slendy teleport over and says,"Ben,child, Who's this?" "Um, her name is,"

He looked over grinning awkwardly,"Jackie, Mister Slenderman." "SHE KNOWS ABOUT US?!"Slendy exclames. "Um, Slendy?" says

Jack, laughing,"There's a fanbase out there. Creepypasta fandom. You know." "We can either kill her or-"Slendy starts to

say. "DON'T KILL THIS CHICK!" screams Ben exasperatedly. "Why the hell not?"says Jeff, who had gathered there along

with the others. "Because she's HOT, you nimrods. And she smells like Doritos,"Says Ben. "That means we'll need to make

her into a damn proxy," Jack growls at Ben. "Go ahead, Slendy. I don't care," I say. He tries... But..Suddenly, A black

substance leaks from my eyes in tearlike trails, and a mask appears, hanging off one side of my hair. I gasp and

turn to Eyeless Jack, and he meets my eyes before I collapse to the ground in his arms. The last thing I hear is

Ben saying," She's your proxy, Jack." before it goes dark.

I wake up in a unfimiliar room. I look up and my vision blurrs a little but goes back to normal in a couple

seconds. I look over and I am surprised to see Jack sitting and watching T.V. He realizes i'm awake and walks over to me.

"Glad your awake," he says helping me sit up right. "Well, Since your my proxy, Slendy said that your new name is Eyeless

Jackie, so it matches mine." He says sitting down next to me. "Jack..."I say but I trail off. "What?" He says looking at me.

"I don't know what's going on and I'm scared,"I say sighing. "I was confused when I first got here,"Says Jack patting me on

the shoulder. "Well you better go, I know you guys have plans tonight,"I say motioning towards the door. "Ok, bye see you later,"Jack

says, walking out the door.

Once the boys leave I walk out of Jack's room and go into the hall. I start walking down the hall with my head down

but I bump into a tall, hard figure.I look up to find myself face to face with a pointy, spiral nose and white eyes. It's

Laughing Jack. "Well hello," Jack says and laughing his evil laugh. "Hi,"I say backing up a little. "Your lucky. If

you weren't Jack's proxy you would be dead,"He says eyeing me, snikering. "Thanks for letting me know,"I say then, I turn around

and go back into Eyeless Jack's room. I shouldn't have gone out in the first place.

About an hour later, Jack gets back to the mansion. Once he enters the room he sees me with the blankets wrapped

around me and my arms around my legs. I probrably look traumatized by fear. "What happened?!"He asks. "Nothing.."I say looking down.

"What happened, tell me," Jack says lifting my head and looking me in the eyes. "I ran into Laughing Jack.."I say, feeling the tears

come into my eyes. "Oh it's ok. I know he's scary,"Jack says rubbing my back. "No you don't understand Jack. Your just saying that

to make me feel better."I say. "No I'm not, I know how scary it is,"Jack says trying to comfort me. "Just leave me alone,"I yell, turning away

from him. I hear the door open and I look over my shoulder and I see Jack with the door open. He sighs and walks out, Leaving me alone

in the room.

A couple minutes later, I hear a knock on the door. "Who is it?" I say. "Jackie, It's Ben," Ben says, I can tell he rolled his

eyes. "Come in,"I say quietly. "Hey what happened up here with Jack?" Ben says, sitting down next to me. "I over reacted and I think he's a little upset." I say, looking down at my feet. "I'll tell him your sorry if you want." Ben says, patting my arm. "Ok." I say, looking up and nodding. "In the mean time... You wanna play some videogames?!" Ben says excitedly. "Yeah!" I say, jumping up. We walk out of Jack's room and head to Ben's. As we walk in Ben runs to the entertainment center and grabs a game. "What game did you get?" I ask Ben. "Guess." He says waving the game cartridge. "Really? Majora's Mask?" I ask, knowing that Ben would have picked that. "Yep!" Ben says, putting it in the Nintendo 64.

Ben and I start playing Majora's Mask and I hear someone pass by his room. Then comes a knock at the door. "I'm gonna go get that real quick." Ben says, pausing the game and heading towards the door. He goes through the door, closes it and I hear him say,"Oh, hey Jack! Whatcha doing here?" "I wanted to know where Jackie is since she's now my damn responsibility." Jack says, he didn't care what Ben was doing. "Oh, she's playing videogames with me." Ben says, I could tell he smiled. "Oh. Well, make sure you bring her back to my room when you guys are done." Jack says, then I hear footsteps... He left. Ben comes back in the room,"Sorry that was Jack." "I know, I heard you guys talking..." I say, sitting cross legged on the couch. "Hey, it's not your fault. He is just pissed about getting stuck with the responsibility of having a proxy." Ben says, sitting down next to me. "I'm his proxy though, I'm the reason he's pissed." I say, sighing. "Don't say that, Jackie. Having a proxy is a big responsibility and pretty stressful training them also." Ben says, looking at me. "Well, I wouldn't know that." I whisper. "I know. Just remember it's not your fault." Ben says, patting me on the arm. "Ok, I'll try not to blame my self..." I say, looking up and smiling a little. "That's good," Ben says, hugging me quickly and then picking up the game controller.

Ben ended up beating me at Majora's Mask, as I knew he would. After the game, I walk back to Jack's room. When I walk in, Jack isn't in the room. I sit down on the couch to wait. As soon as he comes in he rolls his eyes a little. "Didn't think you would be back this soon." Jack says, stopping in front of me. "Ben told me to head back after the end of our game." I whisper, looking at my feet. "Well, he could have told me when." Jack says, walking over to his dresser. "Sorry, I'll get him to tell you next time.." I say, quietly. With that, we both get ready for bed and I end up sleeping on the couch.

The next 5 days or so, I play videogames with Ben and I can tell that Jack is getting a little jealous. That night Jack says he needs to talk to me.

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