Help me find a way ...


1. Help me find a way out


    Since i felt your lips on mine , and your warmth when you hug me so close.

Made me feel kinda loved , for a little while ...


Yes you owned my heart , yes you had it all , yes you stole my soul and yes you fucked it all.

You may say you love me but i never once believed it ,show me some love baby cause i really really need it.I knew i was only your fucking pupet, i knew this isnt gonna last too long ,i guess you just got bored of your another toy.


So place your lips on mine , make me taste your biterness one last time,lets share the bedsheets at night .

'Dont let go of me ; i wont let go of you ' ,honey...thats what we used to say.(remember?)

This was unexpecting i didnt think you might love me,for who i am,But here we are ,i remember how i used to want your body ,how you used to call me beautiful .


But now its all gone , you made me disapear ,all the feelings we had and the memories we have ,are now the past! ... your now the past.


But everytime i start to think of you , i dont know why or how but it still hurts me.I would love to get rid of that pain but it doesnt wanna go.It doesnt wanna go , i guess ill have to learn to live on my own 'hating you' .

Hating my self.


And now im throwing all that shit back at you.I dont wanna hear your name anymore.Cause when i do ,when i look at you, i fell sick! 


Pleaseee... Help me, find a way out of my mind.Atleast for a day.


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