Pitch Black.

1 mom, 2 sons - 1 son died, 1 son cried, 1 mom, 1 son - happily united.


1. Darker Days.

It's been a long time since Jason died...

I moved to the woods alone, trying to complete the puzzle's in my head...

My memories have faded... Disappearing in front of me. The past month I've been writing them down, incase I forget everything...

I cry everyday. Lost in my own nightmare. Days turns to weeks, and weeks to months.

It feels like my world is crumbling. The walls are closing in on me... My souls has been ripped apart.

I try not to think of Jack... He looks so much like Jason. they used to play together in the yard... Oh god I miss them.

I'm happy my mom helped me out and would watch Jack until I was done building a life again. I think I soon might be ready to face my own son again...

She took a deep breath as she stood in front of the door. Her arms were hanging by her sides and she felt weak, she just needed one piece to finish her puzzle. Her eyes were watering. She lifted her hand just about to knock on the door but stopped in the middle of the motion. She didn't want to see her heartbroken son, and the pain she left him with. A tear left her eye and ran slowly down her cheek. She sighed, and somehow managed to gather enough energy to knock. She waited the longest seconds of her life for the door to open. A little boy stood in the opening, he was shocked. He broke down crying as he hugged his mother.

"I'm so sorry!" She whispered with a heartbreaking pain in her voice, "I love you Jack".

"I love you too mom!" His voice was unclear as he said the words that warmed his mothers heart. She pulled him closer, filling the space between them.

The pieces in my head seemed to clear up as I held him tightly in my arms.

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