The love story of harry and selena

This is my first fan fiction hope you guys like it


2. The first date and first fight

Harry took me to dinner for our first month anniversary. I told Harry " babe you don't have to do this we could just go home and watch a movie." Harry " but I want to your so special to me princess you always have been since we were little." I smile and kiss him. After dinner we went home and laid on the bed and watched Titanic. I fell asleep on Harry's chest and felt him kiss my head and get up. I wake up "babe where are you going?" Harry " I'm going outside real quick I'll be right back" I say " you better not be smoking again Harry Edward." Harry " I'm not I just need air." I tell him " I'm coming with." Harry nods. The next day Harry and the boys went to there concert and I saw Catlyn go towards Harry after the concert and kissed him in front of me and I ran and started to cry. Jane runs after me and grabbed me " Selena what happened over there?" Niall goes over Harry and hit him " really Harry you hurt Selena by kissing Catlyn that was wrong." Harry nods " I know Niall where is Selena so I can tell her the truth?" Niall points at me and jane. Harry walks over to me and hugs me " I'm sorry she kissed me and I pushed her away and told her I was with you I swear." Me pulls away " I'm moving Harry back to England I'm sorry I have to." Harry " no your not why are you doing this to me Selena?" Jane " our mom is sick Harry I'm going to we aren't moving there we r going to visit." Harry nods.

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