The love story of harry and selena

This is my first fan fiction hope you guys like it


3. England

Me and jane arrive in England and went to visit our mom in the hospital. I tell her "Mum me and Harry are together and Louis said hi and he loves you and hope you get better." Jane " mum the kids are doing good they are so big and they miss you so much." My phone rings with You and I and it was Harry. I let jane know I'm stepping out. I answer the phone " hello Harry." Harry " I need you here right know please Louis is flipping out." I told him " why is Louis flipping out babe put him on the phone" Harry "ok" Louis "hello Selena where are you Catlyn won't leave and I'm trying to get her to leave" " I'm at mums house but I'll be there soon ok." Louis " ok I love you sis" "I love you too Lou" and I hang up. I tell jane what is going on and she nods and I kissed her cheek. " I love you guys" " we love you too"

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