How Sebastian Piper met Amy-Lee Carey

Seb meets Amy and they get off to a great start for a Hufflepuff and slytherin any way they soon become good friends but why is seb so scared of Draco malfoy and why is Draco so desperate to make him and Amy hate each other.

A story on how two OCs met


1. New chapter

Sebastian was calmly walking though the large crowd of scholars; wizards; witches... And Neville.

On him he held; his flute case; his bag; his notebook and a bracelet he brought.

His flute case was a dark Forrest green with a golden rim, it also had sliver carvings; showing a symbol of a breeze of wind.

His bag was just a normal looking bag, however, it held his most loyal pet fox "guertena(gur-ten-ah)." However as you were only allowed a cat, toad, rat or owl he had disguised her as a cat. Under the disguise her fur was orange-reddish matron. It also had beautiful deep red eyes and from a distance this magnificent fox looked a hell of a lot like a Phoenix.

His notebook was forest green with golden rims, inside was some poetry; drawings; musical notes and a few lyrics for his flute. In addition his hand writing was quite fancy and very neat sort of like a scribe would have written it.

Finally, his golden jewel-encrusted bracelet he had brought was to remind him of his mother who had passed away. It seemed to twinkle in the star light just like his mothers eyes used to. Although he kept both his parents in mind all the time he usually found himself thinking of his mother a lot more than his father. He knew his father was perfectly safe and happy back home in ruling over Feathorin .

Whilst he was walking he noticed a young girl, he realised that she was new to Hogwarts and by looking at her uniform she was in Hufflepuff. She was smaller than Sebastian who was 5"6, he guessed that she was about 5"5. She had white hair , which was hip-length and she had deep red eyes almost orange . He could tell instantly she was an albino and in Sebastian point of view she was pretty darn cute. Sebastian lowers his head so that he couldn't make eye contact that was just the way he liked it no eye contact no talking no awkwardness.

He kept his head down low while trying to pass her quietly, however, his blonde longish hair fell in front of his shiny blue eyes and because of this it limited his vision and he bumped straight into the girl.

The sudden action made her drop her bag and in return Sebastian dropped his flute case. Her bag flung open her books pouring onto the corridor floor and then what looked like a cat jumped out and shook himself at this action it's collar came off and suddenly it turned in to a pug.

Sebastian thought this cute and quickly slid the collar back on before anyone could see.

Sebastian smiled faintly and helped the girl up he said in his posh maybe a bit to posh English way " apologise madam I couldn't see where I was going. Y... You see my hair-" suddenly Sebastian was interrupted by a sudden wait on his shoulder.

It was the girls pug, Sebastian was wondering what it was doing when he realised that it must have smelt guertena. At this he put the pug down and picked up his things.

The girl spoke in a country English accent "thank you" Sebastian nodded his head to say no need to thank me.

"my name is Amy by the way Amy-lee Carey, and you are" she said holding out her hand. She half expected him to be mean being a slytherin and all but this boy was different. "Sebastian Piper, a pleasure to meet you" he realised he was addressing her too much like a prince and so tried to tone it down a bit.

He brought out the bracelet and stared at it he then handed it to her here take this as a further apology" "what no way am I taking that" the girl replied " oh is it to dull" "what no it's not that it is way to expensive looking" "please take it I really don't want it you see it used to belong to my mother but she passed away and keeping this is just bringing me pain so please take it" " I...i.. Fine I'll take it" she put on the bracelet and said "thank you so much it's beautiful" " it glistens just like your eyes I guess it really suits you" suddenly Sebastian just realised what he said and blushed a bright pink. "Hey isn't that Draco Malthoy from your house" seb panicked and turned to her "please this is real okay" he raised his voice a little so Draco could hear a said in a mean voice "WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING TOAD GET IF MY WAY" he lightly pushed Amy and walked up to Draco he had been scared of Draco for a long time now he thought that Draco was on to the fact that he was a prince and he didn't want anyone knowing. seb walked straight up to Draco and stuttering said "s-so mr malfoy h-how are you o-on this fine day?" Draco just stared back "maybe not" he whisperd to himself.

He turned and looked at Amy and smiled he hoped that they could get to know each other more he really did like Amy and he hoped that they stayed close friends he really didn't want to lose anyone else.

Especially anyone that was close to his heart.

Hey guys this is my first publishing and I want to know what you think of it I did not write this and I will not take any credit for it. It was all made by my best friend Lousie Burgess. The only thing I can take credit for is the character Amy-Lee Carey she is my OC for Harry potter and Sebastian piper is Louise's OC for Harry potter so if you like I will update every time she writes a new episode and I will also update what her deviant art profile is it is the same title as this I have made a few changes my self and so I'll see you next update

Thanks for reading. And I hoped you like and fav thanks xx

~Honey Bunny~

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