Lauren is the new girl, Lauren and Gracie are best friends. Until Gracie finds out that Lauren's in love! With Ben Gracie's boyfriends. The story off two girls will they ever sort it out


1. ❤️

Gracie cried Lauren I didn't mean it, you are my friend. It was for days in to the Summer holidays and Lauren has fallen out with her bestie Gracie. Gracie is tall with blond hair, and 15. Lauren is smaller than Gracie and is ginger and is only 14. The girls had meet at school, Lauren had just moved down to the country from London and they had become friends.

It all started back at school when Lauren had fallen I love with Gracie's boyfriend and had told livie and not Gracie. When Gracie found out that Lauren told livie and not her she had said to Lauren that he didn't want to be friends, Lauren had spent the rest of the well with livie and had told livie that she hated Gracie for being so mean. And that's what's happened. Gracie and her boyfriend Ben had been going out sense that start off year 7 and nothin ever broke them up Lauren new that right from the start when she met Gracie. Gracie had horses and so did Ben and thy where always together.

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