Time no Longer

Sixteen year old Frankie has just started college and opened the door towards freedom, where she meets a new group of friends and a mysterious boy.

Will she ever learn his secret?

Can he save her from danger before her dreams become reality and her life is turned upside down?


1. Preface

Somewhere at the midst of all your dreams, ever since you can remember, you’ve dreamt you can fly. Sometimes it feels so real that you start to believe it. You begin to toss and turn during the night, a small smile starting to appear on your face. You stretch your arms out as though you’re a bird soaring through the night skies, gliding past trees and rooftops. You flap your wings, aiming for the church steeple. You can do it, you just need to reach a little further and- CRASH. You’ve hit the floor in the middle of your bedroom, bringing your duvet down with you.

I used to have that dream every night when I was a small child. I’d cry out for Mum and she’d sigh and grumble and crawl out of her own bed to come and settle me. My older brother Jack would laugh at me over the breakfast table, call me a ‘cry birdy’. As I got older, the pining to fly became a different ache. Everything became parallel, and the seemingly once ever-constant vision of life and everything within it began to stand still.

Time no longer.

* * *

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