Talking to the moon


2. moving

After the accident ,as much as I would have liked to, I could not stay at my home. My nan offered to have me or else I would have gone into care. I live taking photos so I had lots of pictures of us together just me mum and dad. It was hard moving. I liked my old house and there where so many memory's there're so many memories of us.

I was put in the smallest bedroom of the house but I was allowed to decorate it how ever I wanted and style it how I wanted. I had brown wall paper with a3 copies of the pictures of me and my mum and dad. My nan would often come into my room for a chat and to see if I was ok. But with her annoying little boy always wanting to be with her it was hard. And I don't know why but I never thought I could talk to her I don't know if it was Jim or not really.

Anyway there was a huge built in balcony with pillows and teddies where I used to sit and talk to..... We'll the moon really

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